1.   A   Abc of Dialectical and Historical Materialism
  2.   A   Abc of Dialectical and Historical Materialism
  3.   A   Abc of Planning: Fundamentals of the theory and methodology of economic planning, An
  4.   A   About Andrei Tarkovsky
  5.   A   About Lenin: Lenin in Soviet Literature
  6.   A   Account to the Party and the People:, An
  7.   A   Across the Soviet Union: Impressions of the USSR
  8.   A   Activeness and Self-Education
  9.   A   Actors Without Makeup
  10.   A   Advocates of Colonialism
  11.   A   Aesthetics and Poetics
  12.   A   Aesthetics, Art, Life: A collection of articles
  13.   A   Aesthetics: A Textbook
  14.   A   Afghanistan Weighs Heavy on My Heart: The reminiscences of soldiers who fought in Afghanistan
  15.   A   Afghanistan, the Revolution Continues
  16.   A   Afghanistan: Between the past and future
  17.   A   Afghanistan: Past and present
  18.   A   Africa Today: Progress, difficulties, perspectives
  19.   A   Africa: Politics Economy Ideology
  20.   A   Africa: Progress, problems, prospects:
  21.   A   African Communists Speak: Articles and documents from "The African Communist"
  22.   A   African Countries’ Foreign Policy.
  23.   A   After 14,000 Wars
  24.   A   Against Dogmatism and Sectarianism in the Working-Class Movement
  25.   A   Against Liquidationism
  26.   A   Against Right-Wing and Left-Wing Opportunism, Against Trotskyism
  27.   A   Against Trotskyism: The struggle of Lenin and the CPSU against Trotskyism
  28.   A   Against U.S. Aggression for National Salvation
  29.   A   Against the Threat of Another World War
  30.   A   Age-Group and Pedagogical Psychology
  31.   A   Aggressive Broadcasting, Evidence Facts Documents: Psychological Warfare
  32.   A   Agony of a Dictatorship: Nicaraguan Chronicle, The
  33.   A   Agostinho Neto
  34.   A   Agrarian India Betwen the World Wars
  35.   A   Agrarian Reforms and Hired Labour in Africa
  36.   A   Agrarian Relations in the USSR
  37.   A   Agricultural Co-operatives: Their role in the development of socialist agriculture in the Soviet Union
  38.   A   Agriculture in the U.S.S.R
  39.   A   Aim of A Lifetime:, The
  40.   A   Albert Einstein’s Philosophical Views and the Theory of Relativity
  41.   A   Albert Einstein: Creator and rebel
  42.   A   Alexei Tolstoy Collected Works In Six Volumes:
  43.   A   All About The Telescope
  44.   A   Along the Path Blazed in Helsinki
  45.   A   Alternatives to Positivism.
  46.   A   Always a Journalist
  47.   A   Ambient Conflicts: Chapters from the history of relations between countries with different social system
  48.   A   American Age of Reason: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, The
  49.   A   American Literary Criticism: An anthology
  50.   A   American Model on the Scales of History, The
  51.   A   American Utopia, The
  52.   A   American Youth Today
  53.   A   Americans: As seen by a Soviet writer, The
  54.   A   Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism
  55.   A   Anatomy of Lies [Amnesty International], The
  56.   A   Anatomy of the Middle East Conflict
  57.   A   Ancient Civilisations of East and West
  58.   A   Andromeda: A Space Age Tale
  59.   A   Anglo-Bulgarian Relations During the Second World War
  60.   A   Anthology of Soviet Short Stories: In Two Volumes: Volume One.
  61.   A   Anthology of Soviet Short Stories: In Two Volumes: Volume Two.
  62.   A   Anthony Eden
  63.   A   Anti-Communism Today
  64.   A   Anti-Communism, the Main Line of Zionism
  65.   A   Anti-Hitler Coalition:, The
  66.   A   Antitank Warfare
  67.   A   Anton Chekhov and His Times
  68.   A   Anton Makarenko: His life and his work in education
  69.   A   Arab Struggle For Economic Independence
  70.   A   Arduous Beginning, The
  71.   A   Are Our Moscow Reporters Giving Us the Facts About the USSR?
  72.   A   Aristotle
  73.   A   Armed Forces of the Soviet Union, The
  74.   A   Arms Trade: A new level of danger, The
  75.   A   Arms and Dollars: Roots of U.S. foreign policy
  76.   A   Army and Social Progress, The
  77.   A   Army and the Revolutionary Transformation of Society, The
  78.   A   Art Festivals, USSR
  79.   A   Art and Social Life
  80.   A   Art and Society: Collection of articles
  81.   A   Artistic Creativity, Reality and Man.
  82.   A   Artistic Truth and Dialectics of Creative Work
  83.   A   As Military Adviser in China
  84.   A   As the People Willed: A documented account of how the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was founded (1917–1922)
  85.   A   Ascent: Careers in the USSR, The
  86.   A   Asian Dilemma: A Soviet view and Myrdal’s concept
  87.   A   Asian Dilemma: The essence of social progress in the transitional period
  88.   A   Astronomy for Entertainment
  89.   A   At the Bidding of the Heart:
  90.   A   At the Centr\ve of Political Storms: The memoirs of a Soviet diplomat
  91.   A   At the Turning Points of History: Some lessons of the struggle against revisionism within the Marxist-Leninist movement
  92.   A   Atlantis
  93.   A   Atomic Nucleus
  94.   A   Authoritarianism and Democracy
  95.   A   Avengers:
  96.   A   Awakening to Life: Forming behaviour and the mind in deaf-blind children
  97.   A   Azerbaijanian Poetry, Classic Modern, Traditional:
  98.   B   Badges and Trophies in Soviet Sports
  99.   B   Basic Economic Law of Modern Capitalism, The
  100.   B   Basic Principles of Dialectical and Historical Materialism, The
  101.   B   Basic Principles of Operational Art and Tactics: A Soviet view, The
  102.   B   Basic Principles of the Organisation of Soviet Agriculture, The
  103.   B   Basic Problems of the Marxist-Leninst Theory: Symposium of Lectures 
  104.   B   Basics of Marxist-Leninist Theory
  105.   B   Battle for the Caucasus
  106.   B   Battle of Ideas in the Modern World., The
  107.   B   Battle of Kursk, The
  108.   B   Before the Nazi Invasion: Soviet Diplomacy in September 1939–June 1941
  109.   B   Beginning: Lenin’s Childhood and Youth, The
  110.   B   Behind the Facade of the Masonic Temple:
  111.   B   Behind the Scenes of Third Reich Diplomacy.
  112.   B   Benefactors of Peace
  113.   B   Big Business and the Economic Cycle:
  114.   B   Big Changes in the USSR: Leafing through the Soviet Journal Kommunist
  115.   B   Biosphere and Politics, The
  116.   B   Birth of Nations, The
  117.   B   Birth of a Genius: The Development of the Personality and World Outlook of Karl Marx
  118.   B   Black Book and Schwambrania:, The
  119.   B   Blacks in United States History
  120.   B   Bolshevik Party’s Struggle Against Trotskyism (1903–February 1917), The
  121.   B   Bolshevik Party’s Struggle Against Trotskyism in the Post-October Period., The
  122.   B   Bolshevik-led Socialist Revolution, March–October 1917, The
  123.   B   Bolsheviks and the Armed Forces in Three Revolutions:, The
  124.   B   Book About Artists
  125.   B   Book About Bringing Up Children, A
  126.   B   Book About Russia: In the union of equals:, A
  127.   B   Books in the Service of Peace, Humanism, and Progress
  128.   B   Books in the USSR
  129.   B   Boris Kustodiev: The Artist and His Work
  130.   B   Boris Pasternak: Selected writings and letters.
  131.   B   Bourgeois Economic Thought 1930s–1970s
  132.   B   Bourgeois Nations and Socialist Nations
  133.   B   Breadwinners, The
  134.   B   Brief Course of Dialectical Materialism: Popular outline, A
  135.   B   British Foreign Policy During World War II 1939–1945
  136.   B   Broad-Casting Pirates or Abuse of the Microphone:
  137.   B   Builder of Socialism and Figher Against Fascism, The
  138.   B   Bureaucracy in India
  139.   B   Bureaucracy, Triumph and Crisis: New thinking
  140.   B   Bureaucrats in Power–Ecological Collapse
  142.   B   By: JASON W. SMITH
  143.   C   Camp of Socialism and the Camp of Capitalism, The
  144.   C   Can Man Change the Climate?
  145.   C   Can Socialists & Communists Co-Operate?
  146.   C   Canada–USA: Problems and contradictions in North American economic integration
  147.   C   Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in Developing Africa
  148.   C   Capitalism and the Ecological Crisis
  149.   C   Capitalism at the End of the Century
  150.   C   Capitalism, Socialism and Scientific and Technical Revolution
  151.   C   Capitalism, the Technological Revolution, and the Working Class
  152.   C   Capitalist Economy
  153.   C   Case for Perestroika: Articles from the monthly Kommunist , The
  154.   C   Categories and Laws of the Political Economy of Communism
  155.   C   Caught in the Act
  156.   C   Causality and the Relation of States in Physics
  157.   C   Cause of My Life., The
  158.   C   Caution: Zionism!:
  159.   C   Cecil Rhodes and His Time
  160.   C   Central Asia and Kazakhstan Before and After the October Revolution
  161.   C   Central Asia and Kazakstan[d] Before and After the October Revolution: Reply to falsifiers of history
  162.   C   Central Asia in Modern Times:
  163.   C   Central V.I. Lenin Museum
  164.   C   Centralised Planning of the Economy
  165.   C   Ch’ing Empire and the Russian State in the 17th Century, The
  166.   C   Challenges of Our Time: Disarmament and social progress, The
  167.   C   Champions of Peace
  168.   C   Changing Face of the Earth:, The
  169.   C   Chapters from the History of Russo-Chinese Relations 17th–19th Centuries
  170.   C   Child Development and Education
  171.   C   Child, Adults, Peers: Patterns of communication
  172.   C   Children and Sport in the USSR
  173.   C   Children and Sport in the USSR
  174.   C   Chile, Corvalan, Struggle.
  175.   C   Chile: CIA Big Business
  176.   C   China Theatre in World War II: 1939–1945., The
  177.   C   China and Her Neighbours from Ancient Times to the Middle Ages:
  178.   C   Choice Facing Europe, The
  179.   C   Choice for Children, A
  180.   C   Christ–Myth or Reality?
  181.   C   Christian Ecumenism
  182.   C   Christianity and Marxism
  183.   C   Cia Target: The USSR
  184.   C   Cia in Asia: Covert operations against India and Afghanistan., The
  185.   C   Cia in Latin America, The
  186.   C   Cia in the Dock., The
  187.   C   Citizenship of the USSR: A legal study.
  188.   C   City Invincible
  189.   C   City of the Yellow Devil: Pamphlets, articles and letters about America, The
  190.   C   Civil Codes of the Soviet Republics., The
  191.   C   Civil Law and the Protection of Personal Rights in the USSR
  192.   C   Civil War in Russia: Its causes and significance, The
  193.   C   Civil War in the United States, The
  194.   C   Civilisation and Global Problems
  195.   C   Civilisation and the Historical Process
  196.   C   Civilisation, Science, Philosophy:
  197.   C   Civilisation, science, philosophy : theme of the 17th World Congress of Philosophy
  198.   C   Classes and Nations
  199.   C   Classes and the Class Struggle in the USSR, 1920s–1930s
  200.   C   Classic Soviet Plays
  201.   C   Classical Islamic Philosophy
  202.   C   Cmea Countries and Developing States: Economic cooperation
  203.   C   Cmea Today: From economic co-operation to economic integration
  204.   C   Cmea and Third Countries: Legal aspects of co-operation
  205.   C   Cmea and the Strategy of Acceleration
  206.   C   Cmea: International Significance of Socialist Integration
  207.   C   Co-operative Movement in Asia and Africa:, The
  208.   C   Collapse of the Russian Empire 1917, The
  209.   C   Comet in the Night: The story of Alexander Ulyanov’s heroic life and tragic death as told by his contemporaries
  210.   C   Coming World Order, The
  211.   C   Comintern and the East: A critique of the critique, The
  212.   C   Comintern and the East: The struggle for the Leninist strategy and tactics in national liberation movements, The
  213.   C   Comintern and the East: strategy and tactics in national liberation movements, The
  215.   C   Communism and Cultural Heritage
  216.   C   Communism and Freedom
  217.   C   Communism as a Social Formation
  218.   C   Communism: Questions and Answers: 1
  219.   C   Communism: Questions and Answers: 7
  220.   C   Communism: Questions and answers: 4
  221.   C   Communist :: 1938 (VOL. XVII), The
  222.   C   Communist Morality
  223.   C   Communist Party (Cuba): (Collection of documents)
  224.   C   Communist Party in Socialist Society: A critique of bourgeois concepts , The
  225.   C   Communist Response to the Challenge of Our Time, The
  226.   C   Communists and the Youth: Study of revolutionary education
  227.   C   Comprehensive Programme for the Further Extension and Improvement of Co-Operation and the Development of Socialist Economic Integration by the CMEA Member Countries
  228.   C   Comprehensive Science of Man: Studies and solutions, A
  229.   C   Comrade Stalin—the Continuer of Lenin’s Great Work
  230.   C   Concept of Common Heritage of Mankind: From new thinking to new practice.
  231.   C   Concepts of Regional Development
  232.   C   Concise Psychological Dictionary, A
  233.   C   Confrontation or Compromise?: The meaning of worker participation in the management of capitalist enterprises
  234.   C   Conjugation of Russian Verbs
  235.   C   Conservation of Nature
  236.   C   Conservatism in U.S. Ideology and Politics
  237.   C   Consolidation of the Socialist Countries Unity
  238.   C   Conspiracy Against Delgado: A History of One Operation by the CIA and the PIDE
  239.   C   Conspiracy Against the Tsar: A Portrait of the Decembrists
  240.   C   Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  241.   C   Constitutional Law and Political Institutions.
  242.   C   Contemporary Anti-Communism: Policy and ideology.
  243.   C   Contemporary Bourgeois Legal Thought: A Marxist evaluation of the basic concepts 
  244.   C   Contemporary Capitalism and the Middle Classes
  245.   C   Contemporary Capitalism: New developments and contradictions
  246.   C   Contemporary International Law: Collection of articles.
  247.   C   Contemporary Political Science in the USA and Western Europe
  248.   C   Contemporary Revolutionary Process: Theoretical Essays, The
  249.   C   Contemporary Trotskyism: Its anti-revolutionary nature
  250.   C   Contemporary World History 1917–1945, A
  251.   C   Contemporary World Situation and Validity of Marxism
  252.   C   Contradictions of Agrarian Integration in the Common Market
  253.   C   Correction of the Convicted: Law, theory, practice
  254.   C   Correspondence Between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Presidents of the USA and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945: VOLUME 1:
  255.   C   Correspondence Between the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Presidents of the USA and the Prime Ministers of Great Britain During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945: VOLUME 2:
  256.   C   Cpsu and the Soviet State in Developed Socialist Society, The
  257.   C   Cpsu in the Struggle for Unity of All Revolutionary and Peace Forces, The
  258.   C   Cpsu’s Nationalities Policy: Truth and lies, The
  259.   C   Cpsu: Ideological, political and organisational principles., The
  260.   C   Cpsu: Party of Proletarian Internationalism
  261.   C   Cpsu: Topical Aspects of History and Policy, The
  262.   C   Criminalistics
  263.   C   Crisis of Capitalism and the Conditions of the Working People., The
  264.   C   Crisis of World Capitalism
  265.   C   Critique of Anti-Marxist Theories
  266.   C   Critique of Mao Tse-Tung’s Theoretical Conceptions., A
  267.   C   Critique of Masarykism, A
  268.   C   Cultural Changes in Developing Countries
  269.   C   Cultural Exchange: 10 years after Helsinki
  270.   C   Cultural Life of the Soviet Worker: A Sociological Study, The
  271.   C   Culture and Perestroika
  272.   C   Culture for the Millions
  273.   C   Current Problems of Contemporary Capitalism
  274.   D   Danger: NATO
  275.   D   De Gaulle: His Life and Work 
  276.   D   Death Can Wait
  277.   D   Decisions of the Central Committee, C.P.S.U.(B.) on Literature and Art (1946-1948)
  278.   D   Dedication: Stories about Soviet men and women
  279.   D   Definition (Logico-Methodological Problems)
  280.   D   Demography in the Mirror of History
  281.   D   Denis Diderot
  282.   D   Destiny of Capitalism in the Orient
  283.   D   Destiny of the World: The socialist shape of things to come, The
  284.   D   Destruction of Reason, The
  285.   D   Destructive POLICY [Policy of Chinese leadership], A
  286.   D   Destructive Policy, A
  287.   D   Detente and Anti-communism
  288.   D   Detente and the World Today: 26th CPSU Congress:
  289.   D   Developed Socialism: Theory and practice
  290.   D   Developed Socialist Society: Basic features and place in history.
  291.   D   Developing Countries from the Standpoint of Marxist Political Economy
  292.   D   Developing Countries’ Social Structure, The
  293.   D   Developing Nations At the Turn of Millennium.
  294.   D   Development by J.V. Stalin of the Marxist-Leninist Theory of the National Question, The
  295.   D   Development of Revolutionary Theory by the CPSU.
  296.   D   Development of Rights and Freedoms in the Soviet State, The
  297.   D   Development of Soviet Law and Jurisprudence:, The
  298.   D   Development of the Monist View of History., The
  299.   D   Dialectical Logic: Essays on its history and theory
  300.   D   Dialectical Materialism and the History of Philosophy
  301.   D   Dialectical Materialism.
  302.   D   Dialectical Materialism: Popular lectures
  303.   D   Dialectics in Modern Physics
  304.   D   Dialectics of the Abstract and the Concrete in Marx’s Capital, The
  305.   D   Dialogue For Peace
  306.   D   Dialogue of Cultures or Cultural Expansion?
  307.   D   Dictionary for Believers and Nonbelievers., A
  308.   D   Dictionary of Ethics., A
  309.   D   Dictionary of International Law, A
  310.   D   Dictionary of Philosophy (1967)
  311.   D   Dictionary of Philosophy (1984)
  312.   D   Dictionary of Political Economy., A
  313.   D   Dictionary of Scientific Communism., A
  314.   D   Difficult Mission: War Memoirs: Soviet Admiral in Great Britain during the Second World War.
  315.   D   Dilemma of Balanced Regional Development in India
  316.   D   Diplomacy of Aggression: Berlin–Rome–Tokyo Axis, its rise and fall.
  317.   D   Diplomatic Battles Before World War II
  318.   D   Disarmament and the Economy
  319.   D   Disarmament: the Command of the Times
  320.   D   Discovering the Soviet Union
  321.   D   Discovery of the Century
  322.   D   Distribution of the Productive Forces: General schemes, theory and practice
  323.   D   Dmitry Shostakovich: About himself and his times
  324.   D   Do The Russians Want War?
  325.   D   Documents and Materials Relating to the Eve of the Second World War:
  326.   D   Documents and Resolutions: the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Moscow, February 23–March 3, 1981
  327.   D   Domination in 2,545 Endgame Studies.
  328.   D   Dramas of the Revolution.
  329.   D   Drawings by Soviet Children
  330.   D   Dynamic Stability: The Soviet economy today
  331.   D   Dynamic Twentieth Century, The
  332.   E   Early Centuries of Russian History
  333.   E   Early Russian Architecture
  334.   E   Early Stories
  335.   E   East After the Collapse of the Colonial System, The
  336.   E   Eastern Societies: Revolution, Power, Progress:
  337.   E   Echoes of the A-Blast
  338.   E   Ecology and Development
  339.   E   Ecology: Political Institutions and Legislation: environmental law in the USSR
  340.   E   Economic “Theories” of Maoism., The
  341.   E   Economic Aspects of Capitalist Integration
  342.   E   Economic Aspects of Social Security in the USSR, The
  343.   E   Economic Cycle: Postwar Development, The
  344.   E   Economic Development and Perspective Planning
  345.   E   Economic Geography of the Ocean
  346.   E   Economic Geography of the Socialist Countries of Europe:
  347.   E   Economic Geography of the World
  348.   E   Economic Geography of the World
  349.   E   Economic Geography: Theory and methods
  350.   E   Economic Growth and the Market in the Developing Countries
  351.   E   Economic History: The Age of Imperialism (1870–1917), An
  352.   E   Economic Inequality of Nations
  353.   E   Economic Integration: Two approaches
  354.   E   Economic Law
  355.   E   Economic Neocolonialism: Problems of South-East Asian Countries’ Struggle for Economic Independence
  356.   E   Economic Policy During the Construction of Socialism in the USSR
  357.   E   Economic Substantiation of the Theory of Socialism, The
  358.   E   Economic System of Socialism, The
  359.   E   Economic Theories and Reality
  360.   E   Economic Zone: An International Legal Aspect, The
  361.   E   Economics, Politics, the Class Struggle, International Relations
  362.   E   Economies of Rich and Poor Countries, The
  363.   E   Economies of the Countries of Latin America
  364.   E   Economy of the Soviet Union Today: Socialism Today, The
  365.   E   Education in the U.S.S.R. 
  366.   E   Education of the Soviet Soldier: Party-political work in the Soviet armed forces.
  367.   E   Einstein and the Philosophical Problems of 20th-Century Physics
  368.   E   Einstein
  369.   E   Elements of Political Knowledge.
  370.   E   Elitist Revolution or Revolution of the Masses?
  371.   E   Elyuchin
  372.   E   Emotions, Myths and Theories.
  373.   E   End of Ideology Theory: Illusions and reality:, The
  374.   E   End of the Third Reich., The
  375.   E   Engels: A short biography 
  376.   E   English Revolution of the 17th Century through Portraits of Its Leading Figures, The
  377.   E   Enigma of Capital: A Marxist viewpoint., The
  378.   E   Environment: International Aspects
  379.   E   Envoy of the Stars: Academician Victor Ambartsumyan
  380.   E   Epoch of the Collapse of Capitalism and the Development of Socialism
  381.   E   Era of Man or Robot?
  382.   E   Ernesto Che Guevara
  383.   E   Essays in Contemporary History, 1917–1945
  384.   E   Essays in Contemporary History, 1946–1990
  385.   E   Essays in Political Economy: Imperialism and the developing countries
  386.   E   Essays in Political Economy: Socialism and the socialist orientation
  387.   E   Essays on Linguistics: Language systems and structures
  388.   E   Estonia, One of the United Family.
  389.   E   Eternal Man: Reflections, dialogues, portraits
  390.   E   Ethics of Science: Issues and controversies, The
  391.   E   Ethics.
  392.   E   Ethiopia: Population, resources, economy
  393.   E   Ethnic Problems of the Tropical Africa: Can they be solved?
  394.   E   Ethnocultural Development of African Countries
  395.   E   Ethnocultural Processes and National Problems in the Modern World.
  396.   E   Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere
  397.   E   Europe 1939:
  398.   E   Europe and Detente
  399.   E   Europe and the Communists
  400.   E   European Security and Co-Operation:
  401.   E   European Security: Social aspects
  402.   E   Evgeny Vakhtangov
  403.   E   Exercises in Russian syntax with explanatory notes: [no date [ca. 1960]].
  404.   E   Experience of Industrial Management in the Soviet Union, The
  405.   E   Experience of the CPSU: Its World Significance.
  406.   E   Export of Counter-Revolution: Past and present, The
  407.   F   Face to Face With America: The story of N.S. Khrushchov’s [Khrushchev’s] visit to U.S.A., September 15–27, 1959
  408.   F   Facts About the USSR
  409.   F   Failure of Three Missions: British diplomacy and intelligence in the efforts to overthrow Soviet government in Central Asia and Transcaucasia...
  410.   F   Fate of Man, The
  411.   F   Faust versus Mephistopheles?
  412.   F   Felix Dzerzhinsky: A biography.
  413.   F   Female Labour Under Socialism: The Socio-Economic Aspects
  414.   F   Feudal Society and Its Culture
  415.   F   Few Salient Points or Things That Agitate Us: A collection of articles, A
  416.   F   Fifty Fighting Years: The Communist Party of South Africa, 1921–1971
  417.   F   Fifty Soviet Poets
  418.   F   Fifty Years of a New Era:
  419.   F   Fighters for National Liberation: Political profiles
  420.   F   Fighting Red Tape in the USSR
  421.   F   Figures for Fun:
  422.   F   Film Trilogy About Lenin, A
  423.   F   Final Reckoning, Nuremburg Diaries, The
  424.   F   Finale: A Retrospective Review of Imperialist Japan’s Defeat in 1945
  425.   F   Finance and Credit in the USSR
  426.   F   First Breath of Freedom, The
  427.   F   First Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba:
  428.   F   First Days of the October [sic. ABEBOOKS], The
  429.   F   First Man in Space:
  430.   F   Firsthand News
  431.   F   Five Years’ Progress in Agricultural Production and the Tasks for the Future: Report
  432.   F   Following Lenin’s Course: Speeches and articles
  433.   F   Following the Course of All-round Perfection of Socialism
  434.   F   For All Time and All Men [Karl Marx]
  435.   F   For Man’s Happiness: The forum of Soviet Communists
  436.   F   For a Nuclear-Free World
  437.   F   For a Restructuring of International Economic Relations: 20th anniversary of UNCTAD
  438.   F   Foreign Comrades in the October Revolution: Reminiscences
  439.   F   Formation of the Socialist Economic System
  440.   F   Foundations of Marxist Aesthetics
  441.   F   Founding Fathers of the United States: Historical portraits
  442.   F   Fourth Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party:, The
  443.   F   Fraternal Family of Nations:, A
  444.   F   Frederick Engels: A Biography
  445.   F   Frederick Engels: His Life and Work
  446.   F   Freedom and the Artist
  447.   F   Freedom of Conscience in the USSR
  448.   F   From Anti-Imperialism to Anti-Socialism: The evolution of Peking’s foreign policy
  449.   F   From Childhood to Centenarian
  450.   F   From Geneva to Reykjavik
  451.   F   From Helsinki to Belgrade:
  452.   F   From Keynes to Neoclassical Synthesis:
  453.   F   From Literacy Classes to Higher Education
  454.   F   From Madrid to Vienna: Follow-up report of the Soviet Committee for European Security and Cooperation on the Helsinki Final Act
  455.   F   From Revisionism to Betrayal: A criticism of Ota Sik’s economic views
  456.   F   From Socialism to Communism
  457.   F   From Tsarist General to Red Army Commander
  458.   F   From Wooden Plough to Atomic Power: The Story of Soviet Industrialisation.
  459.   F   From the History of Soviet-Chinese Relations in the 1950’s: Concerning the discussion of Mao Zedong’s role
  460.   F   From the Missionary Days to Reagan: US China Policy
  461.   F   Fundamental Law of the U.S.S.R., The
  462.   F   Fundamental Problems of Marxism
  463.   F   Fundamentals of Corrective Labour Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics: Statute on remand in custody
  464.   F   Fundamentals of Criminalistics
  465.   F   Fundamentals of Dialectical Materialism
  466.   F   Fundamentals of Dialectics
  467.   F   Fundamentals of Ergonomics
  468.   F   Fundamentals of Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics
  469.   F   Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism • Manual
  470.   F   Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism • Manual
  471.   F   Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy (1974), The
  472.   F   Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy (1982), The
  473.   F   Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninist Theory and Tactics of Revolutionary Parties
  474.   F   Fundamentals of Philosophy
  475.   F   Fundamentals of Political Economy (1980)
  476.   F   Fundamentals of Political Economy (1983), The
  477.   F   Fundamentals of Political Economy: Popular course
  478.   F   Fundamentals of Political Science: Textbook for primary political education.
  479.   F   Fundamentals of Scientific Communism
  480.   F   Fundamentals of Scientific Management of Socialist Economy
  481.   F   Fundamentals of Scientific Socialism
  482.   F   Fundamentals of Soviet State Law
  483.   F   Fundamentals of Sports Training
  484.   F   Fundamentals of the Socialist Theory of the State and Law
  485.   F   Future of Society:, The
  486.   F   Future of the USSR’s Economic Regions, The
  487.   F   Futurology Fiasco: A Critical Study of non-Marxist Concepts of How Society Develops
  488.   G   General Chernyakhovsky
  489.   G   General Council of The First International 1864–1866: The London conference 1865 minutes
  490.   G   General Crisis of Capitalism
  491.   G   General Theory of Law: Social and philosophical problems, The
  492.   G   Generalisation and Cognition
  493.   G   Genesis of the Soviet Federative State (1917–1925)
  494.   G   Genocide
  495.   G   Geographical Prognostication: Problems and prospects
  496.   G   Geography and Ecology: A collection of articles, 1971–1981
  497.   G   Geography of the Soviet Union: Physical background, population, economy
  498.   G   Georgi Dimitrov Selected Works (Volume 1):
  499.   G   Georgi Dimitrov Selected Works (Volume 2):
  500.   G   Georgi Dimitrov Selected Works (Volume 3)
  501.   G   Georgi Dimitrov: An eminent theoretician and revolutionary
  502.   G   Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume I):
  503.   G   Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume II):
  504.   G   Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume III):
  505.   G   Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume IV):
  506.   G   Georgi Plekhanov Selected Philosophical Works (Volume V):
  507.   G   German Imperialism: Its past and present
  508.   G   Germany:
  509.   G   Glance at Historical Materialism, A
  510.   G   Global  engineering.
  511.   G   Global Ecology
  512.   G   Global Problems and the Future of Mankind
  513.   G   Global Problems of Our Age
  514.   G   Global Problems of Our Age
  515.   G   Glory Eternal: Defence of Odessa 1941
  516.   G   Going Beyond the Square: Notes by an economist
  517.   G   Gorky Collected Works in Ten Volumes:
  518.   G   Gorky and His Contemporaries:
  519.   G   Government Regulation of the Private Sector in the USSR
  520.   G   Great Baikal Amur Railway, The
  521.   G   Great Construction Works of Communism and the Remaking of Nature
  522.   G   Great Heritage: The classical literature of Old Rus, The
  523.   G   Great March of Liberation, The
  524.   G   Great Mission of Literature and Art, The
  525.   G   Great October Revolution and World Social Progress, The
  526.   G   Great October Revolution and the Intelligentsia:, The
  527.   G   Great October Revolution and the Working Class, National Liberation and General Democratic Movements, The
  528.   G   Great October Socialist Revolution, The
  529.   G   Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, 1941–1945:
  530.   G   Grounds for Optimism
  531.   G   Growing Up Human
  532.   G   Growing Up in the Soviet Union from the Cradle to Coming of Age
  533.   G   Guarantee of Peace
  534.   H   Hague Congress of the First International, September 2–7, 1872:, The
  535.   H   Handbook of Philosophy, A
  536.   H   Hands Up! Or Public Enemy No. 1
  537.   H   Hans Kohn Analyses the Russian Mind
  538.   H   Hashar
  539.   H   Hatredmongers: Anti-Soviet activity of the Lithuanian Clerical EmigrĂ©s
  540.   H   Health Protection in the USSR.
  541.   H   Heartbeat of Reform: Soviet jurists and political scientists discuss the progress of Perestroika:, The
  542.   H   Henry Thoreau
  543.   H   Henry Winston: Profile of a U.S. communist
  544.   H   Higher Education and Computerisation
  545.   H   Highlights of a Fighting History: 60 Years of the Communist Party, USA
  546.   H   Historical Experience of the CPSU in Carrying Out Lenin’s Co-operative Plan
  547.   H   Historical Knowledge: A Systems-Epistemological Approach.
  548.   H   Historical Materialism ( by Cornforth )
  549.   H   Historical Materialism (1969)
  550.   H   Historical Materialism: An outline of Marxist theory of society.
  551.   H   Historical Materialism: Basic problems.
  552.   H   Historical Materialism: Theory, methodology, problems.
  553.   H   Historical Science in Socialist Countries:
  554.   H   Historical Science in the USSR: New research:
  557.   H   History Versus Anti-History: A critique of the bourgeois falsification of the postwar history of the CPSU.
  558.   H   History and Politics: American historiography on Soviet society
  559.   H   History in the Making: Memoirs of World War II Diplomacy
  560.   H   History of Afganistan
  561.   H   History of Ancient Philosophy: Greece and Rome
  562.   H   History of Classical Sociology, A
  563.   H   History of India (2 v.), A
  564.   H   History of Old Russian Literature, A
  565.   H   History of Psychology, A
  566.   H   History of Realism, A
  567.   H   History of Religion
  568.   H   History of Science: Soviet research, The
  569.   H   History of Soviet Foreign Policy 1945–1970
  570.   H   History of the Ancient World.
  571.   H   History of the Middle Ages
  572.   H   History of the October Revolution
  573.   H   History of the Three Internationals
  574.   H   History of the USA Since World War I
  575.   H   History of the USSR in three parts: PART I:
  576.   H   History of the USSR in three parts: PART II:
  577.   H   History of the USSR in three parts: PART III:
  578.   H   History of the USSR: An outline of socialist construction
  579.   H   History of the USSR: Elementary course
  580.   H   History of the USSR: The era of socialism
  581.   H   Ho Chi Minh Selected Writings, 1920–1969:
  582.   H   Ho Chi Minh.
  583.   H   Honour Eternal: Second World War Memorials
  584.   H   How Many Will the Earth Feed?
  585.   H   How Socialism Began: Russia Under Lenin’s Leadership 1917–1923
  586.   H   How Soviet Economy Won Technical Independence
  587.   H   How Wars End: Eye-witness accounts of the fall of Berlin
  588.   H   How the National Question Was Solved in Soviet Central Asia 
  589.   H   How the Revolution Was Won:
  590.   H   How the Soviet Economy Is Run:
  591.   H   How to Study Historical Materialism
  592.   H   How to Study the Theory of Scientific Communism:
  593.   H   Human Relations Doctrine: Ideological weapon of the monopolies.
  594.   H   Human Rights and Freedoms in the USSR
  595.   H   Human Rights and International Relations
  596.   H   Human Rights, What We Argue About
  597.   H   Human Rights: Continuing the discussion
  598.   H   Humanism of Art., The
  599.   H   Humanism, Atheism: Principles and Practice
  600.   H   Humanism: Its Philosophical, Ethical and Sociological Aspects.
  601.   I   I Hereby Apply for an Apartment
  602.   I   I Saw the New World Born: John Reed
  603.   I   Icon Painting: State Museum of Palekh Art.
  604.   I   Ideals and Spiritual Values of Socialist Society, The
  605.   I   Ideological Struggle Today
  606.   I   Ideological Struggle and Literature:, The
  607.   I   Ideology and Social Progress
  608.   I   Ideology and Tactics of Anti-Communism: Myths and Reality, The
  609.   I   Illusion of Equal Rights: Legal Inequality in the Capitalist World, An
  610.   I   Image of India: The Study of Ancient Indian Civilisation in the USSR, The
  611.   I   Immortality: Verse By Soviet Poets Who Laid Down Their Lives in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945
  612.   I   Imperial China: Foreign-policy conceptions and methods
  613.   I   Imperialism and the Developing Countries
  614.   I   Improvement of Soviet Economic Planning
  615.   I   In Disregard of the Law
  616.   I   In Pursuit of Social Justice
  617.   I   In Search of Harmony
  618.   I   In Search of Holy Mother Russia
  619.   I   In Southern Africa
  620.   I   In the Forecasters’ Maze
  621.   I   In the Grip of Terror
  622.   I   In the Name of Life: Reflections of a Soviet Surgeon
  623.   I   In the Name of Peace
  624.   I   In the World of Music
  625.   I   India: Independence and oil
  626.   I   India: Social and Economic Development (18th–20th Century)
  627.   I   India: Spotlight on Population
  628.   I   Indian Economy, The
  629.   I   Indian Philosophy in Modern Times
  630.   I   Individual and Society, The
  631.   I   Individual and the Microenvironment, The
  632.   I   Individual in Socialist Society, The
  633.   I   Industrial Revolution in the East, The
  634.   I   Industrialisation of Developing Countries
  635.   I   Industrialisation of India
  636.   I   Inflation Under Capitalism Today
  637.   I   Information Abused: Critical essays
  638.   I   Insane Squandering: The Social and Economic Consequences of the Arms Race
  639.   I   Integration of Science., The
  640.   I   Intensifying Production: Acceleration factors
  641.   I   Inter-American Relations from Bolivar to the Present
  642.   I   Interaction of Sciences in the Study of the Earth, The
  643.   I   International Covenants on Human Rights and Soviet Legislation
  644.   I   International Humanitarian Law
  645.   I   International Law of the Sea, The
  646.   I   International Law: A textbook
  647.   I   International Law
  649.   I   International Monetary Law
  650.   I   International Monopolies and Developing Countries
  651.   I   International Solidarity with the Spanish Republic 1936–1939:
  652.   I   International Space Law.
  653.   I   International Terrorism and the CIA: Documents, Eyewitness Reports, Facts
  654.   I   International Trade and the Improvement of the Standard of Living in the West
  655.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 1: The Origins of the Proletariat and Its Evolution as a Revolutionary Class, The
  656.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 2: The Working-Class Movement in the Period of Transition to Imperialism (1871–1904), The
  657.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 3: Revolutionary battles of the early 20th Century, The
  658.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 4: The Socialist Revolution in Russia and the International Working Class (1917–1923), The
  659.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 5: The Builder of Socialism and Fighter Against Fascism, The
  660.   I   International Working-Class Movement, Volume 6: The Working-Class Movement in the Developed Capitalist Countries After the Second World War (1945–1979), The
  661.   I   International Working-Class and Communist Movement: Historical Record (1830s to mid-1940s)
  662.   I   Interpreting America: Russian and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought
  663.   I   Introduction to Physics
  664.   I   Invitation to a Dialogue
  665.   I   Islam and Muslims in the Land of the Soviets
  666.   J   Jawaharlal Nehru and His Political Views
  667.   J   Jawaharlal Nehru
  668.   J   Joint Jubilee Meeting of the CPSU Central Committee, Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, Moscow November 3, 1967
  669.   J   Jonestown Carnage: A CIA crime, The
  670.   K   Kampuchea: From Tragedy to Rebirth
  671.   K   Karl Marx and Modern Philosophy: Collection of Articles
  672.   K   Karl Marx and Our Time: Articles and speeches
  673.   K   Karl Marx and Our Time: The struggle for peace and social progress
  674.   K   Karl Marx’s Great Discovery: The dual-nature-of-labour doctrine:
  675.   K   Karl Marx: A Biography
  676.   K   Karl Marx: Short biography.
  677.   K   Keynesianism Today:
  678.   K   Klement Gottwald Selected Writings 1944–1949
  679.   K   Komsomol: Questions and Answers, The
  680.   K   Konstantin Stanislavsky, 1863–1963: Man and Actor:
  681.   K   Kwame Nkrumah
  682.   L   Labour Protection at Soviet Industrial Enterprises
  683.   L   Labour in the USSR: Problems and solutions
  684.   L   Land of Soviets, The
  685.   L   Landmarks in History: The Marxist Doctrine of Socio-Economic Formations
  686.   L   Landmarks of Marxist Socio-Economic Foundations
  687.   L   Last Nuclear Explosion: Forty years of struggle against nuclear tests, The
  688.   L   Last of the Romans and European Culture, The
  689.   L   Law and Force in the International System
  690.   L   Law and Legal Culture in Soviet Society
  691.   L   Law, Morality and Man:
  692.   L   Law, Progress, and Peace: A journalist’s observations on the influence of Soviet law on the progressive development of international law
  693.   L   Leap Through the Centuries, A
  694.   L   Leftist Terrorism: Are the Leftist Terrorists Really Left?
  695.   L   Legal Regulation of Soviet Foreign Economic Relations, The
  696.   L   Legislation in the USSR
  697.   L   Legislative Acts of the USSR: Book 3
  698.   L   Lenin About the Press
  699.   L   Lenin COLLECTED WORKS (International), V.I.
  700.   L   Lenin Collected Works
  701.   L   Lenin In Our Life.
  702.   L   Lenin In Profile: World writers and artists on Lenin
  703.   L   Lenin On Participation of the People in Government
  704.   L   Lenin Prize Winners: Soviet stars theatre, music, art
  705.   L   Lenin Selected Works
  706.   L   Lenin Talks to America.
  707.   L   Lenin Through the Eyes of Lunacharsky
  708.   L   Lenin Through the Eyes of the World:
  709.   L   Lenin and Books
  710.   L   Lenin and Gorky: Letters, reminiscences, articles.
  711.   L   Lenin and Library Organisation.
  712.   L   Lenin and Modern Natural Science.
  713.   L   Lenin and National Liberation in the East
  714.   L   Lenin and Problems of Literature.
  715.   L   Lenin and USSR Foreign Politics
  716.   L   Lenin and the Bourgeois Press
  717.   L   Lenin and the Leagues of Struggle
  718.   L   Lenin and the Soviet Peace Policy: Articles and Speeches 1944–80.
  719.   L   Lenin and the World Revolutionary Process
  720.   L   Lenin in London: Memorial places
  721.   L   Lenin in Soviet Literature; A Remarkable Year, etc.
  722.   L   Lenin in Soviet Poetry
  723.   L   Lenin on Labour Under Socialism: The Great Legacy of Marxism-Leninism
  724.   L   Lenin on Language
  725.   L   Lenin on religion, V.I.
  726.   L   Lenin on the Intelligentsia
  727.   L   Lenin on the Unity of the International Communist Movement
  728.   L   Lenin’s "What the ‘Friends of the People’ Are and How They Fight the Social-Democrats"
  729.   L   Lenin’s “Materialism and Empirio-Criticism”
  730.   L   Lenin’s “The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky”
  731.   L   Lenin’s Behests and the Making of Soviet Latvia
  732.   L   Lenin’s Comrades-In-Arms:
  733.   L   Lenin’s Doctrine of National Liberation Revolutions and Modern World 
  734.   L   Lenin’s Geneva Addresses
  735.   L   Lenin’s Ideas and Modern International Relations
  736.   L   Lenin’s Plan of Building Socialism in the USSR
  737.   L   Lenin’s Political Testament
  738.   L   Lenin’s Teaching on the World Economy and Its Relevance to Our Times
  739.   L   Lenin’s Theory of Non-capitalist Development and the Experience of Mongolia:
  740.   L   Lenin’s Theory of Revolution
  741.   L   Lenin: A Biography
  742.   L   Lenin: A Short Biography., V.I.
  743.   L   Lenin: Comrade and man
  744.   L   Lenin: Great and Human
  745.   L   Lenin: His life and work: Documents and photographs, V.I.
  746.   L   Lenin: Revolution and the World Today
  747.   L   Lenin: The Founder of the Soviet Armed Forces
  748.   L   Lenin: The Great Theoretician.
  749.   L   Lenin: The Revolutionary.
  750.   L   Lenin: The Story of His Life, V. I.
  751.   L   Lenin: Youth and The Future
  752.   L   Lenin: a Biography
  753.   L   Leningrad Does Not Surrender
  754.   L   Leninism and Contemporary Problems of the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism.
  755.   L   Leninism and Modern China’s Problems
  756.   L   Leninism and Revolution: Reply to Critics
  757.   L   Leninism and Today’s Problems of the Transition to Socialism
  758.   L   Leninism and the Agrarian Peasant Question in Two Volumes: Volume One:
  759.   L   Leninism and the Agrarian Peasant Question in Two Volumes: Volume Two:
  760.   L   Leninism and the Battle of Ideas.
  761.   L   Leninism and the National Question
  762.   L   Leninism and the Revolutionary Process
  763.   L   Leninism and the World Revolutionary Working-Class Movement (1971):
  764.   L   Leninism and the World Revolutionary Working-Class Movement (1976):
  765.   L   Leninism: The Banner of Liberation and Progress of Nations
  766.   L   Leninist Standards of Party Life.
  767.   L   Leninist Theory of Reflection and the Present Day, The
  768.   L   Leninist Theory of Revolution and Social Psychology
  769.   L   Leninist Theory of Socialist Revolution and the Contemporary World.
  770.   L   Let Us Live in Peace and Friendship
  771.   L   Let the Blood of Man Not Flow
  772.   L   Let the Living Remember: Soviet War Poetry
  773.   L   Letters From the Dead:
  774.   L   Lev Vygotsky.
  775.   L   Liberation Mission of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Second World War
  776.   L   Liberation of Europe, The
  777.   L   Liberation
  778.   L   Lie of a Soviet War Threat, The
  779.   L   Life and Activities of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A lofty example of serving mankind, The
  780.   L   Life and Death of Martin Luther King, The
  781.   L   Life and Work of Walt Whitman: A Soviet view
  782.   L   Life of Lenin
  783.   L   Life, Art and America: Narratives and stories, articles
  784.   L   Life, We’re All in It Together
  785.   L   Lifelong Cause, A
  786.   L   Literature and the New Thinking
  787.   L   Living Ocean, The
  788.   L   Living and Effective Teaching of Marxism-Leninism:, The
  789.   L   Logic Made Simple: A dictionary
  790.   L   Logic
  791.   L   Lomonosov’s Philosophy
  792.   L   Long Road: Sino-Russian economic contacts from ancient times to 1917, The
  793.   L   Looking Into the Future
  794.   M   Macro-Economic Models
  795.   M   Mad Love
  796.   M   Made in USSR
  797.   M   Mahitahi = Work Together: Some peoples of the Soviet Union
  798.   M   Main Trends in Philosophy: A theoretical analysis of the history of philosophy., The
  799.   M   Major Ethnosocial Trends in the USSR
  800.   M   Making of the Marxist Philosophy from Idealism and Revolutionary Democracy to Dialectical Materialism and Scientific Communism, The
  801.   M   Man After Work: Social problems of daily life and leisure time.
  802.   M   Man At Work: The Scientific and Technological Revolution, the Soviet Working Class and Intelligentsia
  803.   M   Man and His Stages of Life
  804.   M   Man and Man’s World: the categories of “man” and “world” in the system of scientific world outlooks
  805.   M   Man and Nature: The ecological crisis and social progress
  806.   M   Man and Sea Warfare
  807.   M   Man and Society
  808.   M   Man and the Scientific and Technological Revolution
  809.   M   Man as the Object of Education: An Essay in Pedagogical Anthropology (Selected extracts)
  810.   M   Man at the Limit: Eye-witness reports
  811.   M   Man’s Dreams are Coming True.
  812.   M   Man’s Potential: Sketches
  813.   M   Man’s Road to Progress: Talks on political topics 
  814.   M   Man, Science and Society
  815.   M   Man, Science, Humanism: A New Synthesis
  816.   M   Man, Society and the Environment:
  817.   M   Man: His Behaviour and Social Relations
  818.   M   Management of Socialist Production
  819.   M   Mankind and the Year 2000: Current problems
  820.   M   Manoeuvre in Modern Land Wafare
  821.   M   Manpower Resources and Population Under Socialism
  822.   M   Manzhou Rule in China
  823.   M   Mao Tse-Tung: A political portrait
  824.   M   Mao Tse-Tung: An ideological and psychological portrait
  825.   M   Mao’s Betrayal
  826.   M   Maoism As It Really Is:
  827.   M   Maoism Through the Eyes of Communists
  828.   M   Maoism Unmasked: Collection of Soviet Press Articles
  829.   M   Maoism and Its Policy of Splitting the National Liberation Movement
  830.   M   Maoism and Mao’s Heirs
  831.   M   Maoism: The Curse of China
  832.   M   Market of Socialist Economic Integration: Selected conference papers, The
  833.   M   Marshal of the Soviet Union G. Zhukov (Volume 2):
  834.   M   Marx & Engles Collected Works
  835.   M   Marx • Engels • Marxism [Lenin]
  836.   M   Marx Engels On Religion
  837.   M   Marx and Engels Through the Eyes of Their Contemporaries
  838.   M   Marx’s “Critique of the Gotha Programme”
  839.   M   Marx’s Theory of Commodity and Surplus-Value: Formalised exposition
  840.   M   Marxism and the Renegade Garaudy
  841.   M   Marxism-Leninism on Proletarian Internationalism
  842.   M   Marxism-Leninism on War and Army
  843.   M   Marxism-Leninism on War and Peace
  844.   M   Marxism-Leninism on the Non-Capitalist Way
  845.   M   Marxism-Leninism: A Flourishing Science
  846.   M   Marxism-Leninism: The International teaching of the working class
  847.   M   Marxist Conception of Law, The
  848.   M   Marxist Philosophy at the Leninist Stage
  849.   M   Marxist Philosophy: A Popular Outline.
  850.   M   Marxist Philosophy
  851.   M   Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics and Life:
  852.   M   Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics and the Arts
  853.   M   Marxist-Leninist Philosophy (1978)
  854.   M   Marxist-Leninist Philosophy (1980)
  855.   M   Marxist-Leninist Philosophy: Diagrams, tables, illustrations for students of Marxist-Leninist theory.
  856.   M   Marxist-Leninist Teaching of Socialism and the World Today, The
  857.   M   Marxist-Leninist Theory of Society:, The
  858.   M   Mass Information in the Service of Peace and Progress
  859.   M   Mass Media in the USSR
  860.   M   Mass Organisations in the U.S.S.R.
  861.   M   Materialism and the Dialectical Method ( by Cornforth 1971)
  862.   M   Materialismus Militans: Reply to Mr. Bogdanov
  863.   M   Maxim Gorky Letters
  864.   M   Maxim Litvinov
  865.   M   May Day Traditions
  866.   M   Meaning and Conceptual Systems.
  867.   M   Meaning of Life, The
  868.   M   Mechanisation of Soviet Agriculture: The economic effect, The
  869.   M   Meeting of European Communist and Workers’ Parties for Peace and Disarmament, Paris, 28–29 April, 1980
  870.   M   Meeting of Representatives of the Parties and Movements participating in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution
  871.   M   Meeting the Challenge: Soviet youth in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945
  872.   M   Meetings with Sholokhov
  873.   M   Memoirs of Wartime Minister of Navy
  874.   M   Men at War
  875.   M   Methodology of History
  876.   M   Methodology of Law
  877.   M   Middle East: Oil and Policy, The
  878.   M   Mikhail Bulgakov and His Times: Memoirs, Letters
  879.   M   Milestones of Soviet Foreign Policy 1917–1967.
  880.   M   Militant Solidarity, Fraternal Assistance:
  881.   M   Militarism and Science
  882.   M   Militarism in Peking’s Policies
  883.   M   Military-Industrial Complex of the USA, The
  884.   M   Millionaires and Managers
  885.   M   Miracle of the Age
  886.   M   Moby Dick, or the Whale
  887.   M   Modern History of China., The
  888.   M   Modern History of the Arab Countries
  889.   M   Modern History, 1640–1870
  890.   M   Modern State and Politics, The
  891.   M   Modern Theories of International Economic Relations
  892.   M   Moiseyev’s Dance Company
  893.   M   Monetary Crisis Of Capitalism: Origin, Development
  894.   M   Monism and Pluralism in Ideology and in Politics (Abridged).
  895.   M   Monopoly Press: Or, How American journalism found itself in the vicious circle of the “crisis of credibility”, The
  896.   M   Morality and Politics: Critical essays on contemporary views about the relationship between morality and politics in bourgeois sociology 
  897.   M   Moscow Diary, A
  898.   M   Moscow Soviet, The
  899.   M   Moscow, Stalingrad, 1941–1942: Recollections, stories, reports.
  900.   M   Multilateral Economic Co-Operation of Socialist States:, The
  901.   M   Music Education in the Modern World:
  902.   M   Musical Journey Through the Soviet Union, A
  903.   M   My Day and Age: selected poems
  904.   M   Mysteries of the Deeps [i.E. Deep]:
  905.   M   Mystery of Pearl Harbor: Facts and Theories, The
  906.   M   Myth About Soviet Threat: cui bono?
  907.   M   Myth, Philosophy, Avant-Gardism:
  908.   N   N. Lobachevsky and His Contribution to Science
  909.   N   Namibia, A Struggle for Independence:
  910.   N   National Economic Planning
  911.   N   National Folk Sports in the USSR
  912.   N   National Languages in the USSR: Problems and Solutions
  913.   N   National Liberation Movement in West Africa
  914.   N   National Liberation Revolutions Today: Part I:
  915.   N   National Liberation Revolutions Today: Part II
  916.   N   National Liberation: Essays on Theory and Practice
  917.   N   National Sovereignty and the Soviet State
  918.   N   Nationalities Question: Lenin’s Approach:, The
  919.   N   Nations and Internationalism
  920.   N   Nations and Social Progress
  921.   N   Nato: A Bleak Picture
  922.   N   Nato: Threat to World Peace
  923.   N   Nature Reserves in the USSR
  924.   N   Nature of Science: An epistemological analysis., The
  925.   N   Nearest Neighbour is 170 KM Away: A journey into the Soviet Union, The
  926.   N   Neo-Colonialism on the Warpath
  927.   N   Neo-Freudians In Search of “Truth”.
  928.   N   Neocolonialism and Africa in the 1970s
  929.   N   Neocolonialism: Methods and manoeuvres.
  930.   N   Nep, a Modern View
  931.   N   Never Say Die
  932.   N   New Approach to Economic Integration, A
  933.   N   New Constitution of the USSR, The
  934.   N   New Information Order or Psychological Warfare?, A
  935.   N   New International Economic Order
  936.   N   New Life Begun: Prose, poetry and essays of the 1920s–1930s, A
  937.   N   New Realities and the Struggle of Ideas
  938.   N   New Scramble for Africa, The
  939.   N   New Soviet Legislation on Marriage and the Family
  940.   N   Newly Free Countries in the Seventies, The
  941.   N   Nihilism Today.
  942.   N   Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay: Traveller, scientist and humanist
  943.   N   Nikolai Vavilov: The Great Sower:
  944.   N   Nine Modern Soviet Plays
  945.   N   Nineteenth Century American Short Stories
  946.   N   Non-Capitalist Development: An Historical Outline
  947.   N   Non-aligned Movement, The
  948.   N   Noncapitalist Way: Soviet Experience and the Liberated Countries, The
  949.   N   Normalization of World Trade and the Monetary Problem
  950.   N   North Russian Architecture
  951.   N   Not For War We Raise Our Sons: A collection of letters to the Soviet Peace Fund and the Soviet Women’s Committee
  952.   N   Notes on Indian History (664–1858)
  953.   N   Nuclear Disarmament
  954.   N   Nuclear Engineering Before and After Chernobyl:
  955.   N   Nuclear Space Age: The Soviet viewpoint, The
  956.   N   Nuclear Strategy and Common Sense
  958.   N   Nuremberg Epilogue, The
  959.   O   Ocean and Its Resources
  960.   O   October Revolution and Africa, The
  961.   O   October Revolution and the Arts:, The
  962.   O   October Revolution and the Working-Class, National Liberal, and General Democratic Movements, The
  963.   O   October Storm and After:, The
  964.   O   October Storm and After:, The
  965.   O   Of Human Values: Soviet literature today
  966.   O   Old, the New, the Eternal: Reflections on art, The
  967.   O   On Communist Education
  968.   O   On Education: Selected articles and speeches
  969.   O   On Historical Materialism • A Collection [Marx-Engels-Lenin]
  970.   O   On Just and Unjust Wars
  971.   O   On Labour-Oriented Education and Instruction
  972.   O   On Literature and Art
  973.   O   On Proletarian Internationalism
  974.   O   On Relations Between Socialist and Developing Countries
  975.   O   On The Art and Craft of Writing
  976.   O   On The Principle Of Mutual Advantage:
  977.   O   On a Military Mission to Great Britain and the USA
  978.   O   On the “Manifesto of the Communisty Party” of Marx and Engels
  979.   O   On the Communist Programme
  980.   O   On the Edge of an Abyss: From Truman to Reagan, the doctrines and realitites of the Nuclear Age
  981.   O   On the Eve of World War II: A foreign policy study
  982.   O   On the Intelligentsia
  983.   O   On the International Working-Class and Communist Movement
  984.   O   On the Paris Commune
  985.   O   On the Path of Cultural Progress: Culture of the socialist world
  986.   O   On the Side of a Just Cause: Soviet assistance to the heroic Vietnamese people
  987.   O   On the Soviet State Apparatus
  988.   O   On the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century: The technological revolution and literature
  989.   O   On the Track of Discovery. [Series 1] [n.d. [1960’s]]:
  990.   O   On the Unity of the International Communist Movement
  991.   O   On the Upgrade: Living standards in the Soviet Union
  992.   O   On the Way to Knowledge: Man, the Earth, outer space, acceleration
  993.   O   One Is Not Born a Personality.
  994.   O   One True Luxury: Research into communication pattern of Soviet schoolchildren, The
  995.   O   One Way Ticket to Democracy:
  996.   O   Optimal Functioning System for a Socialist Economy
  997.   O   Orbits of the Global Economy, The
  998.   O   Organisation and Management: A sociological analysis of Western theories
  999.   O   Organisation of Domestic Trade in the USSR
  1000.   O   Organisation of Industry and Construction in the USSR
  1001.   O   Organisation of Statistics in the U.S.S.R.
  1002.   O   Organisation of Statistics in the USSR
  1003.   O   Organization of African Unity: 25 years of struggle
  1004.   O   Organizations: Communist Party, USA
  1005.   O   Origin and Principles of Scientific Socialism
  1006.   O   Origin of Man, The
  1007.   O   Origin of the Human Race., The
  1008.   O   Origins of the Proletariat and Its Evolution as a Revolutionary Class, The
  1009.   O   Our Course: Peace and Socialism
  1010.   O   Our Course: Peace and Socialism
  1011.   O   Our Lives, Our Dreams: Soviet women speak:
  1012.   O   Our Rights: Political and economic guarantees:
  1013.   O   Outer Space: Politics and law
  1014.   O   Outline History of Africa, An
  1015.   O   Outline History of the Communist International (1971)
  1016.   O   Outline History of the Soviet Working Class
  1017.   O   Outline Political History of the Americas
  1018.   O   Outline Theory of Population, An
  1019.   O   Outline of Soviet Labour Law, An
  1020.   O   Overseas Chinese Bourgeoisie: A Peking tool in southeast Asia.
  1021.   O   Overseas Expansion of Capital:, The
  1022.   P   Pacific Community: An Outlook, The
  1023.   P   Palekh: Village of Artists
  1024.   P   Palestine Problem: Aggression, resistance, ways of settlement, The
  1025.   P   Palestine Question: Document adopted by the United Nations and other international organisations and conferences, The
  1026.   P   Panorama of the Soviet Union
  1027.   P   Part Played By Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man, The
  1028.   P   Passing Age: The ideology and culture of the late bourgeois epoch, The
  1029.   P   Path of Valour., The
  1030.   P   Path to Peace: A view from Moscow, The
  1031.   P   Patrice Lumumba: Fighter for Africa’s freedom
  1032.   P   Peace Prospects From Three Worlds
  1033.   P   Peace Strategy in the Nuclear Age
  1034.   P   Peace and Disarmament. Academic Studies. 1980
  1035.   P   Peace and Disarmament. Academic Studies. 1982
  1036.   P   Peace and Disarmament. Academic Studies. 1984
  1037.   P   Peace and Disarmament: Academic Studies, special issue 1987:
  1038.   P   Peace and Disarmament
  1039.   P   Peaceful Coexistence: Contemporary international law of peaceful coexistence
  1040.   P   Peking Reaches Out: A Study of Chinese Expansionism
  1041.   P   People’s Army, The
  1042.   P   People’s Control in Socialist Society
  1043.   P   People’s Democracy, A New Form of Political Organization of Society
  1044.   P   People’s Theater: From the Box Office to the Stage
  1045.   P   Peoples of the North and Their Road to Socialism, The
  1046.   P   Perestroika In Action:
  1047.   P   Perestroika: The Crunch is Now
  1048.   P   Permanent Blush of Shame: A Trip to the East and West, A
  1049.   P   Personal Property in the USSR
  1050.   P   Personal Subsidiary Farming Under Socialism
  1051.   P   Petty-Bourgeois Revolutionism (Anarchism, Trotskyism and Maoism)
  1052.   P   Phenomenon of the Soviet Cinema
  1053.   P   Philosophical Conception of Man:, The
  1054.   P   Philosophical Concepts in Natural Science.
  1055.   P   Philosophical Foundations of Scientific Socialism
  1056.   P   Philosophical Problems of Elementary Particle Physics
  1057.   P   Philosophical Traditions Today.
  1058.   P   Philosophical Views of Mao Tse-Tung: A Critical Analysis, The
  1059.   P   Philosophy and Scientific Cognition
  1060.   P   Philosophy and Social Theory: An Introduction to Historical Materialism
  1061.   P   Philosophy and Sociology.
  1062.   P   Philosophy and the Ecological Problems of Civilisation
  1063.   P   Philosophy and the World-Views of Modern Sciences
  1064.   P   Philosophy in the USSR: Problems of dialectical materialism.
  1065.   P   Philosophy of Dialectical Materialism., The
  1066.   P   Philosophy of Optimism: Current problems
  1067.   P   Philosophy of Revolt: Criticism of left radical ideology., The
  1068.   P   Philosophy of Survival, The
  1069.   P   Philososphy in the USSR: Problems of historical materialism
  1070.   P   Physics of Interstellar Space: A popular-science outline
  1071.   P   Pioneers of Space
  1072.   P   Plain-Spoken Facts, The
  1073.   P   Planet of Reason: A Sociological Study of Man-Nature Relationship, The
  1074.   P   Planning a Socialist Economy
  1075.   P   Planning a Socialist Economy
  1076.   P   Planning a Socialist Economy
  1077.   P   Planning in Developing Countries: Theory and methodology
  1078.   P   Planning in the USSR: Problems of theory and organisation
  1079.   P   Planning of Manpower in the Soviet Union
  1080.   P   Plato
  1081.   P   Please Accept my Donation: Collection of Letters to the Soviet Peace Fund
  1082.   P   Pluto’s Chain: Explorations of the Kamchatka-Kuril volcanic belt 
  1083.   P   Polar Diaries
  1084.   P   Policy Keeping the World on Edge, A
  1085.   P   Policy of Peaceful Coexistence in Action, The
  1086.   P   Policy of Provocation and Expansion: A collection of documents and articles, published in the Soviet press, dealing with China’s policy of annexation and its territorial claims to other countries, A
  1087.   P   Policy of the Soviet Union in the Arab World:, The
  1088.   P   Politcal Economy (1983)
  1089.   P   Political Consciousness in the U.S.A.: Traditions and evolutions.
  1090.   P   Political Economy (1989)
  1091.   P   Political Economy of Capitalism (1974), The
  1092.   P   Political Economy of Capitalism (1985)
  1093.   P   Political Economy of Revolution:, The
  1094.   P   Political Economy of Socialism (1967)
  1095.   P   Political Economy of Socialism (1985)
  1096.   P   Political Economy: A Condensed Course
  1097.   P   Political Economy: A beginner’s course
  1098.   P   Political Economy: A study aid
  1099.   P   Political Economy: Capitalism
  1100.   P   Political Economy: Socialism.
  1101.   P   Political Map of the World, The
  1102.   P   Political Reality and Political Consciousness.
  1103.   P   Political Systems, Development Trends: Theme of the 11th World Congress of political sciences
  1104.   P   Political Terms: A short guide
  1105.   P   Political Terrorism: An Indictment of Imperialism.
  1106.   P   Political Thought of Ancient Greece
  1107.   P   Political Work in the Soviet Army
  1108.   P   Politico-Economic Problems of Capitalism.
  1109.   P   Population Biology: Progress and problems of studies on natural populations
  1110.   P   Population and Socio-Economic Development
  1111.   P   Population of the USSR: A socio-economic survey, The
  1112.   P   Population, Economics, and Politics: The socio-economic development of the European members of the CMEA
  1113.   P   Populism: Its past, present and future.
  1114.   P   Present-Day China: Socio-economic problems, collected articles.
  1115.   P   Present-Day Ethnic Processes in the USSR
  1116.   P   Present-Day Problems in Asia and Africa: Theory - Politics - Personalities
  1117.   P   Present-day Non-Marxist Political Economy:
  1118.   P   Press Is a Great Force, The
  1119.   P   Prevent War, Safeguard Peace. [ca. 1962]
  1120.   P   Prevention of War: Doctrines, concepts, prospects
  1121.   P   Principles of Criminology, The
  1122.   P   Principles of Philosophy, The
  1123.   P   Principles of the Theory of Historical Process in Philosophy.
  1124.   P   Priorities of Soviet Foreign Policy Today, The
  1125.   P   Privileged Generation: Children in the Soviet Union, The
  1126.   P   Problem of the Ideal: The nature of mind and its relationship to the brain and social medium, The
  1127.   P   Problems of Africa Today
  1128.   P   Problems of Common Security
  1129.   P   Problems of Contemporary Aesthetics: A collection of articles
  1130.   P   Problems of Leninism
  1131.   P   Problems of Modern Aesthetics:
  1132.   P   Problems of Socialist Theory
  1133.   P   Problems of Soviet School Education
  1134.   P   Problems of War and Peace: A critical analysis of bourgeois theories.
  1135.   P   Problems of the Communist Movement: Some Questions of Theory and Method.
  1136.   P   Problems of the Development of Mind.
  1137.   P   Problems of the History of Philosophy.
  1138.   P   Proceedings of the First Congress of the Yemeni Socialist Party:
  1139.   P   Profession of the Stage-Director, The
  1140.   P   Profiles in Labour: Essays about heroes of socialist labour
  1141.   P   Programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union:, The
  1142.   P   Protestant Ethic and the “Spirit” of Capitalism and Other Writings, The
  1143.   P   Psychiatry
  1144.   P   Psychological Research in USSR: Volume 1
  1145.   P   Psychological War, The
  1146.   P   Psychology (1989)
  1147.   P   Psychology As You May Like It
  1148.   P   Psychology in the Soviet Union: A Historical Outline.
  1149.   P   Psychology of Experiencing: An analysis of how critical situations are dealt with, The
  1150.   P   Psychology of Learning: Theories of learning and programmed instruction, The
  1151.   P   Psychology of Management of Labour Collectives, The
  1152.   P   Psychology of Phantasy:, The
  1153.   P   Psychology of Thinking, The
  1154.   P   Public Education in Soviet Azerbaijan: Appraisal of an achievement
  1155.   P   Public Education in the U.S.S.R.
  1156.   P   Public Enterprises in Developing Countries: Legal status
  1157.   P   Public Sector in Developing Countries:, The
  1158.   P   Publishing in the Soviet Union
  1159.   P   Pulse of Time, The
  1160.   Q   Questions of the Methodology of History:
  1161.   R   R&D in Social Reproduction.
  1162.   R   Races and Peoples: Contemporary ethnic and racial problems.
  1163.   R   Races of Mankind, The
  1164.   R   Racism: An ideological weapon of imperialism.
  1165.   R   Rational Utilization of Natural Resources and the Protection of the Environment, The
  1166.   R   Re-reading Dostoyevsky
  1167.   R   Reader on Social Sciences (ABC #1), A
  1168.   R   Reader on the History of the USSR (1917–1937)., A
  1169.   R   Real Socialism and Ideological Struggle
  1170.   R   Real Truth: Profiles of Soviet Jews, The
  1171.   R   Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1918–1939
  1172.   R   Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1939–1965
  1173.   R   Recent History of the Labor Movement in the United States 1965–1980
  1174.   R   Recreational Geography in the USSR
  1175.   R   Red Carnation., The
  1176.   R   Red Star and Green Crescent
  1177.   R   Reflections on Security in the Nuclear Age: A Dialogue Between Generals East and West
  1178.   R   Relativity and Man
  1179.   R   Religion and Social Conflicts in the U.S.A.
  1180.   R   Religion in the World Today
  1181.   R   Remarkable Year: The Blue Notebook: Retracing Lenin’s Steps., A
  1182.   R   Reminiscences of a Kremlin Commandant. [no date, ca. 1965.]
  1183.   R   Rendezvous in Space: Soyuz Apollo
  1184.   R   Renovation of Traditions: (traditions and innovations of Socialist realism in Ukrainian prose)
  1185.   R   Report of the Central Committee of the CPSU to the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Immediate Tasks of the Party in Home and Foreign Policy
  1186.   R   Report to the Nineteenth Party Congress on the Work of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B.)
  1187.   R   Requirements of Developed Socialist Society
  1188.   R   Responsiblity for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity:
  1189.   R   Resumption and Development of International Economic Relations, The
  1190.   R   Retracing Lenin’s Steps
  1191.   R   Revolution in Laos: Practice and Prospects
  1192.   R   Revolutionaries of India in Soviet Russia: Mainspring of the Communist movement in the East
  1193.   R   Revolutionary Battles of the Early 20th Century
  1194.   R   Revolutionary COMMUNIST PARTY, USA
  1195.   R   Revolutionary Democracy and Communists in the East
  1196.   R   Revolutionary Democracy in Africa
  1197.   R   Revolutionary Movement of Our Time and Nationalism., The
  1198.   R   Revolutionary Process in the East:, The
  1199.   R   Revolutionary Vanguard:, The
  1200.   R   Riddle of the Origin of Consciousness., The
  1201.   R   Riddle of the Self, The
  1202.   R   Riddles of Three Oceans, The
  1203.   R   Right of the Accused to Defence in the USSR, The
  1204.   R   Right-Wing Revisionism Today
  1205.   R   Rights Accruing From Loss of Health
  1206.   R   Rights of Soviet Citizens: Collected normative acts
  1207.   R   Rights of the Individual in Socialist Society, The
  1208.   R   Rise and Fall of the Gunbatsu: A Study in Military History, The
  1209.   R   Rise and Growth of the Non-Aligned Movement, The
  1210.   R   Rise of Socialist Economy: The experience of the USSR, other socialist, and socialist-oriented developing countries, The
  1211.   R   Road to Communism:, The
  1212.   R   Road to Great Victory: Soviet Diplomacy 1941–1945
  1213.   R   Road to Nirvana, The
  1214.   R   Road to Stable Peace in Asia, The
  1215.   R   Road to Victory: The Struggle For National Independence, Unity, Peace and Socialism in Vietnam, The
  1216.   R   Role of Advanced Ideas in Development of Society
  1217.   R   Role of Socialist Consciousness in the Development of Soviet Society, The
  1218.   R   Role of the State in Socio-Economic Reforms in Developing Countries, The
  1219.   R   Role of the State in the Socialist Transformation of the Economy of the U.S.S.R., The
  1220.   R   Rules of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  1221.   R   Russia and Her People: Recollections in Tranquillity
  1222.   R   Russia and the West: 19th Century
  1223.   R   Russian Discovery of America, A
  1224.   R   Russian History in Tales
  1225.   R   Russian Museum: A Guide, The
  1226.   R   Russian Orthodox Church (1982), The
  1227.   R   Russian Orthodox Church 10th to 20th Centuries, The
  1228.   R   Russian Revolution: The Comic Book Version, The
  1229.   R   Russian Revolution: What actually happened?, The
  1230.   R   Russian Revolutionary Tradition, The
  1231.   R   Russian Thinkers: Essays on Socio–Economic Thought in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  1232.   R   Russians Abroad
  1233.   S   Sacred Lyre: Essays on the life and work of Alexander Pushkin
  1234.   S   Safeguard of Peace: Soviet armed forces:, A
  1235.   S   Salyut Project, The
  1236.   S   Saturn Is Almost Invisible
  1237.   S   Scandinavian Social Democracy Today
  1238.   S   School of Classical Dance
  1239.   S   Science AT THE CROSS ROADS
  1240.   S   Science Fiction and Adventure Stories by Soviet Writers
  1241.   S   Science Fiction: English and American Short Stories
  1242.   S   Science In Its Youth: Pre-Marxian political economy, A
  1243.   S   Science Policy: Problems and trends
  1244.   S   Science Serves the Nation:
  1245.   S   Science and Morality
  1246.   S   Science and Philosophy
  1247.   S   Science and Society.
  1248.   S   Science and Soviet People’s Education
  1249.   S   Science and Technology, Humanism and Progress:
  1250.   S   Science in the USSR:
  1251.   S   Science, Technology and the Economy
  1252.   S   Scientific Communism (1986)
  1253.   S   Scientific Communism (A Popular Outline) 
  1254.   S   Scientific Communism and Its Falsification by the Renegades
  1255.   S   Scientific Communism: A textbook
  1256.   S   Scientific Intelligentsia in the USSR: (structure and dynamics of personnel), The
  1257.   S   Scientific Management of Society (1971), The
  1258.   S   Scientific Management of Society
  1259.   S   Scientific and Technical Progress and Socialist Society
  1260.   S   Scientific and Technical Progress in the USA:
  1261.   S   Scientific and Technical Revolution: Economic aspects
  1262.   S   Scientific and Technological Progress and Social Advance
  1263.   S   Scientific and Technological Revolution and the Revolution in Education, The
  1264.   S   Scientific and Technological Revolution: Its impact on management and education, The
  1265.   S   Scientific and Technological Revolution: Its role in today’s world, The
  1266.   S   Scientific and Technological Revolution: Social Effects and Prospects, The
  1267.   S   Scientific-Technological Revolution and the Contradictions of Capitalism., The
  1268.   S   Sdi: Key to security or disaster
  1269.   S   Search in Pedagogics: Discussions of the 1920’s and Early 1930s, A
  1270.   S   Second International, 1889–1914: The History and heritage, The
  1271.   S   Second Session of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R.:
  1272.   S   Second World War: A Politico-Military Survey, The
  1273.   S   Secret War Against Cuba
  1274.   S   Secret War Against Soviet Russia, The
  1275.   S   Secret Weapon in Africa
  1276.   S   Secrets from Whitehall and Downing Street
  1277.   S   Secrets of the Second World War.
  1278.   S   Seeking Rational Solutions: Discussions old and new
  1279.   S   Selected Pedagogical Works
  1280.   S   Selected Philosophical Works
  1281.   S   Selected Speeches and Articles
  1282.   S   Selected Works in Geography
  1283.   S   Selected Writings: Linguistics, poetics
  1284.   S   Selections from Shaw: A fearless champion of truth.
  1285.   S   Selections from Shaw: A fearless champion of truth
  1286.   S   Semantic Philosophy of Art
  1287.   S   Sentinels of Peace
  1288.   S   Sergei Prokofiev: Materials, Articles, Interviews
  1289.   S   Serving the People.
  1290.   S   Seven Days in May
  1291.   S   Seven Essays on Life and Literature
  1292.   S   Shakespeare in the Soviet Union: A collection of articles.
  1293.   S   Sholokhov: A critical appreciation
  1294.   S   Short Course on Political Economy, A
  1295.   S   Short Economic History of the USSR, A
  1296.   S   Short History of Geographical Science in the Soviet Union, A
  1297.   S   Short History of Soviet Society, A
  1298.   S   Short History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union., A
  1299.   S   Short History of the National-Liberation Movement in East Africa, A
  1300.   S   Short History of the USSR (1987), A
  1301.   S   Short History of the USSR: A popular outline, A
  1302.   S   Short History of the USSR: Part I., A
  1303.   S   Short History of the USSR: Part II., A
  1304.   S   Short History of the World in Two Volumes, A
  1305.   S   Short History of the World in Two Volumes, A
  1306.   S   Siberia, 60 Degrees East of Greenwich: Oil and people
  1307.   S   Siberia: Achievements, Problems, Solutions
  1308.   S   Siberia: Epic of the Century
  1309.   S   Silent Death (Chemical weapons/warfare), The
  1310.   S   Simon Bolivar
  1311.   S   Sino-Soviet Relations 1945-1973:
  1312.   S   Sketches of the Soviet Union
  1313.   S   Social Democracy and Southern Africa, 1960s–1980s
  1314.   S   Social Informaton and the Regulation of Social Development
  1315.   S   Social Insurance in the U.S.S.R.
  1316.   S   Social Organisations in the Soviet Union: Political and legal organisational aspects
  1317.   S   Social Partnership or Class Struggle?: Theory, Legislation & Practice
  1318.   S   Social Problems of Man’s Environment: Where We Live and Work
  1319.   S   Social Programme of the Ninth Five-Year Plan
  1320.   S   Social Psychology and History
  1321.   S   Social Psychology and Propaganda
  1322.   S   Social Psychology
  1323.   S   Social Science
  1324.   S   Social Sciences: Information system., The
  1325.   S   Social Security in the USSR
  1326.   S   Social Structure of Soviet Society, The
  1327.   S   Social and Economic Geography: An essay in conceptual terminological systematisation
  1328.   S   Social and State Structure of the U.S.S.R., The
  1329.   S   Socialism As a Social System
  1330.   S   Socialism Theory and Practice:
  1331.   S   Socialism and Capitalism: Score and Prospects
  1332.   S   Socialism and Communism: Selected passages, 1956–63
  1333.   S   Socialism and Communism
  1334.   S   Socialism and Culture: A collection of articles
  1335.   S   Socialism and Democracy: A Reply to opportunists
  1336.   S   Socialism and Energy Resources
  1337.   S   Socialism and Humanism
  1338.   S   Socialism and Law: Law in society
  1339.   S   Socialism and Optimism
  1340.   S   Socialism and State Administration
  1341.   S   Socialism and Wealth
  1342.   S   Socialism and the Individual
  1343.   S   Socialism and the Newly Independent Nations
  1344.   S   Socialism and the Rational Needs of the Individual
  1345.   S   Socialism and the State
  1346.   S   Socialism in the USSR: How it was built
  1347.   S   Socialism’s Historic Mission and the World Today
  1348.   S   Socialism: A new theoretical vision
  1349.   S   Socialism: Crisis or renewal?
  1350.   S   Socialism: Foreign Policy in Theory and Practice 
  1351.   S   Socialism: Its Role in History.
  1352.   S   Socialism: One-party and multi-party system
  1353.   S   Socialism: Questions of Theory
  1354.   S   Socialist Community at a New Stage, The
  1355.   S   Socialist Community: A new type of relations among nations, The
  1356.   S   Socialist Countries’ Economy in the 1970s, The
  1357.   S   Socialist Countries: Important Changes, The
  1358.   S   Socialist Culture and Man
  1359.   S   Socialist Democracy: Aspects of theory
  1360.   S   Socialist Humanism, Culture, Personality:
  1361.   S   Socialist Ideal and Real Socialism, The
  1362.   S   Socialist Ideology
  1363.   S   Socialist Integration
  1364.   S   Socialist International, The
  1365.   S   Socialist Internationalism (1978)
  1366.   S   Socialist Internationalism: Theory and practice of international relations of a new type
  1367.   S   Socialist Life Style and the Family
  1368.   S   Socialist Literatures, Problems of Development
  1369.   S   Socialist Long-Term Economic Planning.
  1370.   S   Socialist Management: The Leninist concept.
  1371.   S   Socialist Nationalisation of Industry.
  1372.   S   Socialist Organisation of Labour
  1373.   S   Socialist Policy of Peace: Theory and practice
  1374.   S   Socialist Realism and the Modern Literary Process
  1375.   S   Socialist Realism in Literature and Art:
  1376.   S   Socialist Revolution [MarxEngels], The
  1377.   S   Socialist Revolution and Its Defense, The
  1378.   S   Socialist Revolution in Russia and the Intelligentsia, The
  1379.   S   Socialist Revolution in Russia and the International Working Class (1917–1923), The
  1380.   S   Socialist Self-Government
  1381.   S   Socialist Society In the Present Stage: Proceedings of a section meeting
  1382.   S   Socialist Society: Its social justice
  1383.   S   Socialist Society: Scientific principles of development
  1384.   S   Socialist Way of Development in Agriculture, The
  1385.   S   Socialist Way of Life: Problems and perspectives
  1386.   S   Socialist World System, The
  1387.   S   Socialist-Oriented State: Instrument of Revolutionary Change, A
  1388.   S   Society and Economic Relations
  1389.   S   Society and Individual: Give and take
  1390.   S   Society and Nature: Socio-ecological problems
  1391.   S   Society and Youth
  1392.   S   Society and the Environment: A Soviet view
  1393.   S   Society of the Future
  1394.   S   Sociological Theory and Social Practice:
  1395.   S   Sociology of Culture, The
  1396.   S   Sociology of Revolution: A Marxist view
  1397.   S   Sociology: Problems of theory and method.
  1398.   S   Soldier’s Duty, A
  1399.   S   Soldier’s Memoirs:, A
  1400.   S   Solving the National Question in the USSR
  1401.   S   Some Aspects of Party-Political Work in the Soviet Armed Forces
  1402.   S   Some Basic Rights of Soviet Citizens
  1403.   S   Some Questions Concerning the Struggle of Counter-Revolutionary Trotskyism Against Revolutionary Leninism
  1404.   S   South Africa Against Africa, 1966–1986
  1405.   S   Southeast Asia: History, economy, policy.
  1406.   S   Southern Africa: Apartheid, Colonialism, Aggression.
  1407.   S   Soviet Agriculture
  1408.   S   Soviet Ambassador Reports Back, The
  1409.   S   Soviet Armed Forces Yesterday and Today, The
  1410.   S   Soviet Army, The
  1411.   S   Soviet Banker’s Notes, A
  1412.   S   Soviet Circus: A Collection of articles, The
  1413.   S   Soviet Collective Farm (a sociological study), The
  1414.   S   Soviet Communist Forum: (World response to the 25th CPSU congress)
  1415.   S   Soviet Constitution and the Myths of Sovietologists, The
  1416.   S   Soviet Constitution: A dictionary, The
  1417.   S   Soviet Court, The
  1418.   S   Soviet Democracy and Bourgeois Sovietology
  1419.   S   Soviet Democracy in the Period of Developed Socialism
  1420.   S   Soviet Economic Reform: Progress and problems.
  1421.   S   Soviet Economy Forges Ahead: Ninth five-year plan 1971–1975.
  1422.   S   Soviet Economy: Results and prospects
  1423.   S   Soviet Employee’s Rights in Law
  1424.   S   Soviet Family Budgets
  1425.   S   Soviet Finance: Principles, Operation
  1426.   S   Soviet Financial System
  1427.   S   Soviet Fine Arts
  1428.   S   Soviet Foreign Policy Volume I:
  1429.   S   Soviet Foreign Policy Volume II:
  1430.   S   Soviet Foreign Policy: A brief review 1955–65.
  1431.   S   Soviet Foreign Policy: Objectives and principles
  1432.   S   Soviet Foreign Trade: Today and tomorrow
  1433.   S   Soviet Form of Popular Government, The
  1434.   S   Soviet Frontiers of Tomorrow
  1435.   S   Soviet General Staff at War 1941–1945: Book 1, The
  1436.   S   Soviet General Staff at War 1941–1945: Book 2, The
  1437.   S   Soviet Geographical Explorations and Discoveries
  1438.   S   Soviet Geography Today: Aspects of theory
  1439.   S   Soviet Geography Today: Physical Geography
  1440.   S   Soviet Historical Science: New research
  1441.   S   Soviet Industry
  1442.   S   Soviet Land Legislation.
  1443.   S   Soviet Legislation on Children’s Rights.
  1444.   S   Soviet Legislation on Women’s Rights:
  1445.   S   Soviet Literature–Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  1446.   S   Soviet Literature: Problems and People
  1447.   S   Soviet Lithuania on the Road to Prosperity
  1448.   S   Soviet Man: The making of a socialist type of personality
  1449.   S   Soviet Nationalities and Policy and Bourgeois Historians: The formation of the Soviet multinational state (1917–1922) in contemporary American historiography
  1450.   S   Soviet Navy in War and Peace, The
  1451.   S   Soviet North: In the Land of the Midnight Sun; the Arctic; News from High Latitudes
  1452.   S   Soviet North: Present Development and Prospects, The
  1453.   S   Soviet Officers
  1454.   S   Soviet Parliament: A reference book, The
  1455.   S   Soviet Peace Efforts on the Eve of World War II
  1456.   S   Soviet Peace Efforts on the Eve of World War II
  1457.   S   Soviet Peace Policy, 1917–1939
  1458.   S   Soviet Peasantry: An outline history (1917–1970), The
  1459.   S   Soviet People as I Knew Them
  1460.   S   Soviet People: A new historical community, The
  1461.   S   Soviet Planned Economy, The
  1462.   S   Soviet Policy for Asian Peace and Security
  1463.   S   Soviet Political System Under Developed Socialism, The
  1464.   S   Soviet Political System: Perceptions and perspectives
  1465.   S   Soviet Psychology
  1466.   S   Soviet Reality in the Seventies
  1467.   S   Soviet Rock: 25 Years in the Underground + 5 Years of Freedom
  1468.   S   Soviet Russia Opts for Peace
  1469.   S   Soviet Russian Literature 1917–1977: Poetry and Prose - Selected Reading
  1470.   S   Soviet Russian Stories of the 1960s and 1970s
  1471.   S   Soviet Scene 1987: A collection of press articles and interviews
  1472.   S   Soviet School of Courage and Warcraft, The
  1473.   S   Soviet Science and Technique in the Service of Building Communism in the U.S.S.R.
  1474.   S   Soviet Socialist Democracy
  1475.   S   Soviet Society: Philosophy of Development
  1476.   S   Soviet Stars in the World of Music
  1477.   S   Soviet State and Law., The
  1478.   S   Soviet State as a Subject of Civil Law, The
  1479.   S   Soviet State, The
  1480.   S   Soviet Trade Unions: A collection of background materials, The
  1481.   S   Soviet Trade Unions: Yesterday Today Tomorrow
  1482.   S   Soviet Ukraine
  1483.   S   Soviet Union 50 Years Statistical Returns
  1484.   S   Soviet Union Today, The
  1485.   S   Soviet Union and Africa, The
  1486.   S   Soviet Union and European Security, The
  1487.   S   Soviet Union and International Economic Cooperation, The
  1488.   S   Soviet Union and the Manchurian Revolutionary Base (1945–1949), The
  1489.   S   Soviet Union as Americans See It 1917–1977, The
  1490.   S   Soviet Union: Political and Economic Reference Book.
  1491.   S   Soviet Volunteers in China 1925–1945
  1492.   S   Soviet Way of Life, The
  1493.   S   Soviet Women (Some aspects of the status of women in the USSR)
  1494.   S   Soviet Women: A portrait.
  1495.   S   Soviet Worker, The
  1496.   S   Soviet Writers Look At America
  1497.   S   Soviet Youth and Socialism.
  1498.   S   Soviet Youth: A socio-political outline.
  1499.   S   Soviet–U.S. Relations, 1933–1942
  1500.   S   Soviets of People’s Deputies: Democracy and administration
  1501.   S   Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies on the Eve of the October Revolution, March–October 1917
  1502.   S   Soweto: Life and Struggles of a South African Township
  1503.   S   Space Age, The
  1504.   S   Space Flights Serve Life on Earth
  1505.   S   Specialisation and Co-Operation of the Socialist Economies
  1506.   S   Sport and Society
  1507.   S   Stanislavsky
  1508.   S   State Law of the Socialist Countries: Socialism Today, The
  1509.   S   State Monopoly Capitalism and Labour Law
  1510.   S   State Monopoly Incomes Policy: Conception and Practice (In the Context of Great Britain)
  1511.   S   State Property in the USSR: Legal aspects
  1512.   S   State Structure of the USSR
  1513.   S   State and Communism, The
  1514.   S   State and Nations in the USSR, The
  1515.   S   State of Israel: A Historical, Economic and Political Study , The
  1516.   S   State, Democracy and Legality in the USSR: Lenin’s ideas today, The
  1517.   S   State-Monopoly Capitalism and the Labour Theory of Value.
  1518.   S   Steeled in the Storm: Essays on the history of the Komsomol
  1519.   S   Steep Steps: A Journalist’s Notes, The
  1520.   S   Stories About Lenin and the Revolution
  1521.   S   Stories About the Party of Communists Under Whose Leadership the Peoples of Russia Overthrew...
  1522.   S   Straight from the Heart: The writer and the time series
  1523.   S   Strategy of Economic Development in the USSR, The
  1524.   S   Strategy of Transnational Corporations, The
  1525.   S   Stride Across a Thousand Years:, A
  1526.   S   Strong in Spirit, The
  1527.   S   Struggle for Socialism in the World
  1528.   S   Studies in Psychology: The collective and the individual.
  1529.   S   Study of Soviet Foreign Policy, A
  1530.   S   Subject, Object, Cognition.
  1531.   S   Submarines in Arctic Waters
  1532.   S   Sukhomlinsky on Education, V.
  1533.   S   Surrealism
  1534.   S   System of Physical Education in the USSR, The
  1535.   S   Systems Theory: Philosophical and Methodological Problems
  1537.   T   Tales of the Ancient World:
  1538.   T   Talking About the Future: Can We Develop Without Disaster
  1539.   T   Talking About the Future: Is Mankind Heading for a Raw Materials Crisis?
  1540.   T   Talks on Soviet Democracy.
  1541.   T   Teacher’s Experience: Stanislav Shatsky: A collection, A
  1542.   T   Teaching of Political Economy: A critique of non-Marxian theories, The
  1543.   T   Teaching: Calling and skills.
  1544.   T   Teaching
  1545.   T   Technological Neo-colonialism
  1546.   T   Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences., The
  1547.   T   Television In the West and Its Doctrines.
  1548.   T   Ten Years of the Ethiopian Revolution
  1549.   T   Territorial Industrial Complexes: Optimisation models and general aspects
  1550.   T   Territorial Organisation of Soviet Economy, The
  1551.   T   Terrorism and International Law
  1552.   T   That Curious World of Nature: Geography for entertainment
  1555.   T   Theatre, Music, Art (1967–1970)
  1556.   T   Their Point of View: Young Americans in the USSR
  1557.   T   Theoretical Aspects of Linguistics
  1558.   T   Theoretical Physics
  1559.   T   Theories of Surplus Value:
  1560.   T   Theory and Practice of Proletarian Internationalism, The
  1561.   T   Theory and Tactics of the International Communist Movement
  1562.   T   Theory of Earth’s Origin: Four lectures
  1563.   T   Theory of Growth of a Socialist Economy, The
  1564.   T   Theory of Knowledge ( by Cornforth ), The
  1565.   T   Theory of Population: Essays in Marxist research., The
  1566.   T   Theory of the State and Law
  1567.   T   There Shall be Retribution: Nazi war criminals and their protectors
  1568.   T   They Came to Stay: North Americans in the USSR
  1569.   T   They Found Their Voice: Stories from Soviet Nationalities with No Written Language Before the 1917 October Revolution
  1570.   T   They Knew Lenin: Reminiscenses of Foreign Contemporaries 
  1571.   T   They Sealed Their Own Doom
  1572.   T   Third Soviet Generation
  1573.   T   Third World War? Threats, real, and imaginary, A
  1574.   T   Third World: Problems and Prospects, current stage of the national-liberation struggle, The
  1575.   T   Thirty Years of Victory
  1576.   T   This Amazing Amazing Amazing But Knowable Universe
  1578.   T   This Nation and Socialism Are One
  1579.   T   This Whole Human Rights Business
  1580.   T   This is My Native Land: A Soviet journalists travels
  1581.   T   Three Centuries of Russian Poetry
  1582.   T   Three Leaders: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi
  1583.   T   Three Men in a Boat to Say Nothing of the Dog
  1584.   T   Through the Russian Revolution
  1585.   T   Time For a New Way of Thinking
  1586.   T   Time to Speak Out, The
  1587.   T   To Be an Individual–Is It the Lot of Only a Chosen Few?
  1588.   T   To Children I Give My Heart
  1589.   T   Tomorrow Will Be Too Late: Dialogue on the threshold of the third millennium
  1590.   T   Topsy-Turvy Planet, or, Paramon’s Incredible Tale of Travel and Adventure, A
  1591.   T   Towards Freedom and Progress: The triumph of Soviet power in Central Asia
  1592.   T   Towards Social Homogeneity
  1593.   T   Towards Technologies of the Future
  1594.   T   Towns for People
  1595.   T   Tracing Martin Bormann
  1596.   T   Trade Among Capitalist Countries
  1597.   T   Trade Unions in Socialist Society
  1598.   T   Trade Unions, Disarmament, Conversion
  1599.   T   Trade and Coexistence
  1600.   T   Transition from Capitalism to Socialism, The
  1601.   T   Transnational Corporations And Militarism
  1602.   T   Travel to Distant Worlds
  1603.   T   Travels to New Guinea: Diaries Letters Documents.
  1604.   T   Tretyakov Art Gallery: A Guide
  1605.   T   Triumph of Lenin’s Ideas: Proceedings of Plenary Session
  1606.   T   Triumph of the Leninist Ideas of Proletarian Internationalism:
  1607.   T   Truth About Afghanistan:, The
  1608.   T   Truth About Cultural Exchange: 10 Years After Helsinki, The
  1609.   T   Turning-Point of World War II:, The
  1610.   T   Twentieth Century Capitalism
  1611.   T   Two Directions of Socio-economic Development in Africa
  1612.   T   Two Hundred Days of Fire: Accounts by participants and witnesses of the battle of Stalingrad
  1613.   T   Two Worlds–Two Monetary Systems
  1614.   U   U.S. Budget and Economic Policy.
  1615.   U   U.S. Labour Unions Today: Basic problems and trends.
  1616.   U   U.S. Military Doctrine, The
  1617.   U   U.S. Monopolies and Developing Countries
  1618.   U   U.S. Negroes in Battle: From Little Rock to Watts
  1619.   U   U.S. Neocolonialism in Africa
  1620.   U   U.S. Policies in the Indian Ocean
  1621.   U   U.S. Policy in Latin America: Postwar to present.
  1622.   U   U.S. Two-Party System: Past and present:, The
  1623.   U   U.S. War Machine and Politics, The
  1624.   U   Ultras in the USA., The
  1625.   U   Ulyanov Family, The
  1626.   U   Unbreakable Union of Soviet Republics, The
  1627.   U   Undaunted Heroes: A Vietnam diary, The
  1628.   U   Undeclared War: Imperialism vs. Afghanistan:, The
  1629.   U   Union of Soviet Writers: Aims, Organisation, Activities, The
  1630.   U   United Soviet People, The
  1631.   U   Unity, Solidarity, Internationalism: International Communist Unity:
  1632.   U   Universe and Civilisation, The
  1633.   U   Universe, The
  1634.   U   Us Monopolies and Developing Countries
  1635.   U   Usa and Western Europe: Economic Relations After World War II, The
  1636.   U   Usa versus Western Europe: New Trends
  1637.   U   Usa, Western Europe, Japan: a triangle of rivalry, The
  1638.   U   Usa: Anatomy of the Arms Race
  1639.   U   Usa: Imperialists and Anti-Imperialists: The great foreign policy debate at the turn of the Century
  1640.   U   Usa: Militarism and the Economy
  1641.   U   Ussr - USA - Sports Encounters
  1642.   U   Ussr Builds for the Future, The
  1643.   U   Ussr Economy in 1976–1980, The
  1644.   U   Ussr Proposes Disarmament (1920s–1980s), The
  1645.   U   Ussr State Industry During the Transition Period
  1646.   U   Ussr Tenth Five-Year Plan Building Projects
  1647.   U   Ussr Through Indian Eyes
  1648.   U   Ussr and Countries of Africa
  1649.   U   Ussr and Developing Countries: Economic Cooperation, The
  1650.   U   Ussr and International Copyright Protection, The
  1651.   U   Ussr and International Economic Relations:, The
  1652.   U   Ussr in World Politics., The
  1653.   U   Ussr–FRG Relations: A new stage
  1654.   U   Ussr–USA Trade Unions Compared
  1655.   U   Ussr’s Activities in the UN for Peace, Security and Co-Operation, 1945–1985, The
  1656.   U   Ussr, Reorganisation and Renewal
  1657.   U   Ussr, the USA, and the People’s Revolution in China, The
  1658.   U   Ussr: A Dictatorship or a Democracy?, The
  1659.   U   Ussr: A Short History., The
  1660.   U   Ussr: A Time of Change: Scholars, Writers and Artists Speak
  1661.   U   Ussr: A genuine united nations, The
  1662.   U   Ussr: A guide for businessmen
  1663.   U   Ussr: Education, Science and Culture., The
  1664.   U   Ussr: For Peace Against Aggression:
  1665.   U   Ussr: Geography of the eleventh five-year plan period
  1666.   U   Ussr: Public Health and Social Security., The
  1667.   U   Ussr: Questions and Answers
  1668.   U   Ussr: Sixty Years of the Union: 1922–1982
  1669.   U   Ussr: Youth of the Eighties
  1670.   V   Vietnam Story, The
  1671.   V   Village Children: A Soviet experience
  1672.   V   Vladimir Favorsky
  1673.   V   Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A biography
  1674.   V   Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Life and works
  1675.   V   Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: Pages from his life with reminiscences of his associates
  1676.   V   Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  1677.   V   Vladimir Mayakovsky: Innovator
  1678.   V   Vladimir Vysotsky: Hamlet with a guitar
  1679.   W   Wanted...
  1680.   W   War Is Their Business: The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex:
  1681.   W   War of Ideas in Contemporary International Relations:, The
  1682.   W   War’s Unwomanly Face
  1683.   W   Wars and Population
  1684.   W   Washington Crusaders On the March
  1685.   W   Washington Silhouettes: A political round-up
  1686.   W   Washington Versus Havana
  1687.   W   Way Society Develops, The
  1688.   W   We Are From Friendship University [nd (mid 1960s)]
  1689.   W   We Choose Peace
  1690.   W   Weaponry in Space: The dilemma of security
  1691.   W   Welfare the Basic Task: Five Year Plan, 1971–1975
  1692.   W   West Berlin: In memory of those Soviet officers and men who fell in the battle to liberate Berlin
  1693.   W   West Berlin: Yesterday and Today
  1694.   W   West European Integration: Its policies and international relations
  1695.   W   Western Aid: Myth and Reality
  1696.   W   Western Europe Today: Economics, politics, the class struggle, international relations
  1697.   W   What Are Classes and the Class Struggle? (ABC #14)
  1698.   W   What Are They After in Peking?
  1699.   W   What Are Trade Unions? (ABC #21)
  1700.   W   What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?
  1701.   W   What Is Capitalism? (ABC #8)
  1702.   W   What Is Communism? (ABC #10)
  1703.   W   What Is Democratic Centralism?
  1704.   W   What Is Democratic Socialism?
  1705.   W   What Is Dialectical Materialism? (ABC #6)
  1706.   W   What Is Good and What is Bad
  1707.   W   What Is Historical Materialism? (ABC #7)
  1708.   W   What Is Labour? (ABC #11)
  1709.   W   What Is Marxism-Leninism? (ABC #2)
  1710.   W   What Is Personality? (ABC #23)
  1711.   W   What Is Philosophy? (ABC #4)
  1712.   W   What Is Political Economy? (ABC #3)
  1713.   W   What Is Property? (ABC #13)
  1714.   W   What Is Revolution? (ABC #17)
  1715.   W   What Is Scientific Communism? (ABC #5)
  1716.   W   What Is Socialism? (ABC #9)
  1717.   W   What Is Surplus Value? (ABC #12)
  1718.   W   What Is The Party? (ABC #15)
  1719.   W   What Is The Scientific and Technological Revolution? (ABC #22)
  1720.   W   What Is The State? (ABC #16)
  1721.   W   What Is The Transition Period? (ABC #18)
  1722.   W   What Is The Working People’s Power? (ABC #19)
  1723.   W   What Is The World Socialist System? (ABC #20)
  1724.   W   What Is What? (ABC #24)
  1725.   W   What Maoism is Really Like
  1726.   W   What Real Socialism Means to the People:
  1727.   W   What’s What in World Politics: A reference book
  1728.   W   Where All Roads Into Space Begin:
  1729.   W   Where Are Trotskyites Leading the Youth?
  1730.   W   Where Human Rights Are Real.
  1731.   W   Where It’s Coldest
  1732.   W   Where the Old Are Young: Long life in the Soviet Caucasus
  1733.   W   White Book:, The
  1734.   W   White House and the Black Continent, The
  1735.   W   Whither and With Whom? Essays from the ideological front
  1736.   W   Who’s Who in the Soviet Cinema: Seventy Different Portraits
  1737.   W   Why We Returned to the Soviet Union: Testimonies from Russian emigrĂ©s
  1738.   W   Wilfred Grenfell: His life and work
  1739.   W   Will We Survive?
  1740.   W   Winning for Peace: The great victory–its world impact
  1741.   W   Winston Churchill
  1742.   W   Witness to War:
  1743.   W   Women Today
  1744.   W   Women in Science
  1745.   W   Women in the USSR: On the UN Decade for Women
  1746.   W   Women of a New World
  1747.   W   Words of Friends: Greetings extended to the XXVIth Congress of the CPSU, The
  1748.   W   Work and Love
  1749.   W   Workers in Society: Polemical essays
  1750.   W   Workers’ Control Over Production: Past and present.
  1751.   W   Working Class Movement in the Period of Transition to Imperialism (1871–1904), The
  1752.   W   Working Class and Social Progress:, The
  1753.   W   Working Class and its Allies, The
  1754.   W   Working Class and the Contemporary World:, The
  1755.   W   Working Class and the Trade Unions in the USSR:, The
  1756.   W   Working Class in Socialist Society:, The
  1757.   W   Working Class—The Leading Force of the World Revolutionary Process:, The
  1758.   W   Working-Class Movement in the Developmed Capitalist Countries After the Second World War (1945–1979), The
  1759.   W   Working-Class Struggle for Peace and Social Progress:, The
  1760.   W   Working-Class and National-Liberation Movements:
  1761.   W   World Capitalist Economy: Structural changes:, The
  1762.   W   World Communist Movement: An outline of strategy and tactics, The
  1763.   W   World Energy Problem, The
  1764.   W   World MARXIST REVIEW
  1765.   W   World Market Today, The
  1766.   W   World Revolutionary Movement of the Working Class
  1767.   W   World Revolutionary Process, The
  1768.   W   World Socialist Movement & Anti-Communism., The
  1769.   W   World Socialist System and Anti-Communism, The
  1770.   W   World Socialist System:, The
  1771.   W   World War II: Myths and the Realities.
  1772.   W   World War II: The Decisive Battles of the Soviet Army
  1773.   W   World Without Arms?, A
  1774.   W   World of Man In the World of Nature, The
  1775.   W   Wormwood [Hitler-era anti-semitism & postwar Zionism]
  1776.   W   Writer’s Creative Individuality and the Development of Literature, The
  1777.   Y   Yakov Sverdlov
  1778.   Y   Year 2000: End of the human race?, The
  1779.   Y   Year of Victory
  1780.   Y   Yellow Devil: Gold and capitalism., The
  1781.   Y   Young Communist International and Its Origins, The
  1782.   Y   Young Teens Blaze Paths to Peace: The story of the first global children’s festival for peace, friendship co-operation
  1783.   Y   Young in the Revolution:, The
  1784.   Y   Your First Move: Chess for beginners.
  1785.   Y   Youth and Politics
  1786.   Y   Youth and the Party: Documents
  1787.   Z   Zionism Stands Accused
  1788.   Z   Zionism: Enemy of peace and social progress